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Best ways to propose a girl

July 31, 2012

In a relationship, a proposal is certainly a very important part. One partner conveys to the other the love for them and hence, this could lead to the beginning of a committed relationship or the end of the relationship even before it started.

It is necessary to know the proper technique to propose, since this is such an important process. You wouldn’t like to risk your chances of the partner saying a yes by making a stupid or indecent proposal. A decent, romantic and sincere proposal increases manifold the chances of getting a yes. Even if the partner was initially not too interested, the wonderful proposal may make them ponder over their decision which could eventually turn in your favour. The partner might think, “Perhaps I should give this a chance!” and you get your chance to live the life you wanted.

Below I have enlisted some very interesting, romantic and cute ways to propose to your partner. You can try one of them, and perhaps it’ll help you a lot! Before continuing though, you might want to know about your loved one’s tastes so that you do something they’ll like.

  1. This is slightly dramatic but your partner will love this. Everybody enjoys attention, so the next time you’ve gone with friends to a pub or a hotel for dancing or dinner, you could just go up on the stage and seize the opportunity. You could request the singer or the DJ or anybody who’s performing to allow you to speak for a couple of minutes. Be sure to prepare something to speak first. You could then tell your loved one what you feel in a romantic way. It’ll get the rest of the people at the gathering very excited, and your partner blushing and swelling with pride.
  2. If your partner is slightly less social, you could take her to a romantic dinner. You could then take her on a drive or a walk to a wonderful place and then confess all your feelings for her. Your partner would already be happy and feeling really good about the evening, and would have probably had an idea of what is going to happen. This is very romantic and shows a great deal of promise in you as a future partner.
  3. You could just propose that person with a beautiful rose on Valentines’ day. There is generally a little bit of excitement and anticipation amongst people on that day, and you could just ask the person a little time and tell them your feelings. You could also do it the traditional way – on one knee, with rose in hand. Believe me, girls love it.
  4. You could take that person to the place where you had seen her for the first time, or you had your first outing, or even the place where you had the most fun while hanging out. This would surely bring back a flood of good memories and your partner would already be feeling good. You could then tell her how, in all those wonderful moments you spent with each other in that very place, you fell in love with her.

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