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July 29, 2012

Love at first sight is quite a common phrase. It basically refers to instant attraction between two individuals. This phrase has also been used in countless books, movies, poems and other stuff.
Some say that “Love at first sight” is just a myth, but it has been scientifically proven that it is not a myth. Extensive research in the field of psychology of falling in love has revealed that it can take just a fifth of second for a person to fall in love with someone.

-Why Do We Fall In Love At The First Sight?
The answer as pointed out by several research laboratories is quite simple. It is only because the one to whom we get attracted reminds us of someone from the past, not necessarily our partner but someone that we have admired and respected. It has usually got to do something with appearance but there can be a few other traits that we might find appealing.

– Men Are More Likely To Fall In Love, Faster:
The concept of love at first sight is more likely to occur in men. It is because their brains are wired in such a way that their romantic love is initiated by appearances more quickly than in women. Women, though, are also known to have fallen in love at first sight thing as well. It’s just that they tend to do it lesser!

– Can Love At First Sight Last Long?:
This is still a mystery though. Different people have different thought processes. Brain mapping among certain individuals have shown that this question can be answered by the time at which these individuals think about their first sight culprit.
If it is the romantic sort of love, then the culprit’s thoughts are always on the minds of the individuals.
Sometimes, it is not love but lust. This can be determined when the culprit’s thoughts come to the individual’s minds at times when they are alone and free. These thoughts usually increase their heartbeat and give evidence of the lust that they think as love.

– It may not always be love:
Sometimes attraction might exist but it will not be love. There will be admiration but no feelings. Even if the appearance of the first sight might be very appealing, nothing will spark. This is because, even though the individual fancies his first sight, he does not essentially find the traits that their sub-conscious mind looks for.

A relationship triggered due to this concept can have certain detriments though. Firstly, you start falling for a person only because of their external appearance. No other quality is known as you haven’t spent any time with that person before. This is not a particularly an encouraging sign. Both of yours’ thought processes might not match and your ways of leading life may also vary causing issues.

It probably is always better to get to know a person well before developing any extreme feelings for them. Knowing them more accurately will give you a better chance of finding your true love with whom you can lead a good life but on the contrary, it won’t harm a lot to go with the first sight as well, maybe experiment a bit with it!

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