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July 29, 2012

A relationship is at its best when the people involved in it are usually close to each other and have lots of time for their relationship. But what if distance is the obstruction that manages to wreak havoc in your love life? What if you and your partner live far away from each other?
Yes, it’s quite a terrifying thought. There are many things that you can’t do when you are in a long distance relationship. It starts playing on your mind and you miss certain things so much that it often turns into frustration at the other partner.
Words like difficult, challenging, enduring are not the exact words you’d want your relationship to be associated with. But if you really love your partner, you would have to take up this challenge when / if it presents itself.
Relationships are based on both love and trust but in long distance relationships, trust plays a more significant role than love. Without trust, the chances of a relationship lasting are bleak but when there is a lack of trust in a long distance relationship, the relationship is all but over.
On a brighter note, studies have concluded that about 55% to 65% of college students are in a long distance relationship and about 30% of them have absolutely no problem in their relationship. So, it is very much possible to have a happy long distance relationship.
A long distance relationship tests the strength and character of a relationship, to the maximum. It makes the relationship stronger by time, only if the relationship is maintained properly. Feelings that you’ve never felt come up. It makes you realize how important your partner is to you. It teaches you to miss your partner. It shows just how incomplete you are without the person in your life and how much he / she meant to you.
Well, it isn’t obligatory that you go into the long term phase of your relationship to understand how you really feel about each other, but you can always take positives.
Communication at a stage starts getting broken up due to some unavoidable circumstances and that spells doom because this is where trust issues take control of the relationship. Crazy thoughts come up, no matter how hard you try to suppress them. Cheating, avoiding or even uninformed break ups are the doubts that tend to rule over the mind. It requires great optimism and trust to overcome these doubts. Being paranoid will not help.
You can have a successful long distance relationship if you and your partner have enough trust on each other. Talk whenever you get a little time and let your partner know about all your plans, well in advance. Skype your partner at least twice a month, seeing each other will make you feel a lot better. You can also try to spice things up by giving your partner a surprise visit or sending them gifts and flowers. These things will definitely improve things and may even just be enough for your relationship to flourish.
TRUST, though, still remains the most important component. And yes, love should always keep drizzling.

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