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July 28, 2012

A relationship is not just love but much more than it. You may love a girl a lot but often fail to bring a smile on her face and this is where things start going wrong.
Girls are ‘mysterious’ and at times are quite confusing. They deserve a guy who can keep them happy even at the most difficult of times.
Girls do sacrifice a lot of things, not caring for their own happiness, but trying to keep people around them happy. The one person that they can look upon to for the happiness they deserve is their man.
It’s not that demanding a task of keeping your girl happy. Even the smallest of things, done with enough affection will bring forth a smile onto the girl’s face.
Following are certain tips on how you can keep them happy:
– Tell her “I Love You” every time you manage to get an opportunity to do so.
– Surprise her with flowers every now and then. Red roses are the best.
– Gift her something, not necessarily expensive, but something that she likes.
– Remind her of how you met her, started falling for her, your first date, first kiss.
– Hug her, real tight as if you never want to let her go. Hug her in the middle of a fight, while watching a movie at home, while she is cooking. Hug her when she least expects one from you. Occasional kisses also help.
– Text her from work saying that you miss her and want to be with her forever.
– Cook for her someday, even if you don’t know how to, and surprise her when she gets back from work.
– Listen when she talks even if the subject doesn’t interest you. Keep looking at her as if you are looking forward to listen to something more.
– Lies that bring a smile on her face, lies that can stop her from crying are welcomed unless they are harmless.
– Ask her out, rather take her out. Go to the movies, have dinner at some place outside, go on long drives, walk with her hand in hand, get wet in the rain together.
– Wake her up with a kiss to their forehead, bring her breakfast to bed and wish her “I love you” before “Good morning”.
– Share everything with each her. Starting from how your day went and ask her about how her’s went.
– Respect all her decisions. If you feel that she is wrong, then advice her but don’t tell her that she is wrong.
– Never take her for granted but treat her as if you need her. Make her feel needed. Make her feel that you are incomplete without her. Make her feel special.

So, go on guys. Make those little efforts whole heartedly and keep your girl happy. Be the man that she deserves. Make your relationship worth it. It is not that difficult.

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