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July 28, 2012

Dating in simple terms refers to romantic courtship between two individuals. Two individuals meet each other, get to know each other and start meeting each other to know more about each other. The likeliness towards each other develops and they start dating each other. Normally, it would not have been possible for a guy from the United States and a girl from the United Kingdom to start meeting, lest dating unless their professional or social circles met. But, this is possible now and it does happen quite a lot due to a global phenomena call “Internet Dating”. This phenomenon started catching pace in about the 1990’s although its actual origin took place in the late 1700’s when a certain Helen Morrison placed an advertisement in a British newspaper stating that she wanted a husband.
About 300 years since that event, the world has come a long way in this field with internet dating services having a large chunk of users from all across the globe. There are various sites where a simple profile with some pictures and personal information is needed that complete the sign up for the site. After that you have all the access to all the profiles on that site.
As with every other thing, internet dating also has its advantages and disadvantages.
Some of the advantages are:
This would definitely not have been possible if there was no sort of connection between the two or had two people not crossed each other for any purpose.

People on the site will be there for exactly the same purpose that you will be there- meeting and getting to know about different people. So, there won’t be any hesitation to talk and try to mingle and flirt around with each other because that’s the basic point of internet dating.

You can know and probably shortlist the people that you want to meet by checking out their age, interest, etc. In this way, you don’t have to go around chatting with all sorts of people to determine whom you would like more, thereby saving time in your otherwise busy life.

But, like every other thing, online dating also has its fair share of drawbacks:
A very common occurrence in the world of internet dating. It’s a silent killer that destroys the whole purpose of why you started internet dating in the first place and the worst part is you get so hung up with it that you don’t realize when it has ruined your purpose.

People who like wasting others’ time are present on the internet in bulks. Some of them hang out on these dating sites just to ruin the time of TRUE internet daters. It serves as a major reason for the failure of internet dating.

Internet dating is based more on algorithms rather than on feelings. So, you must be willing to trust other people over your own feelings if you wanna be successful in internet dating. Be honest, be yourself and show a little courage and who knows, you might just catch that perfect somebody on the web!

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