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Love in today’s generation

July 25, 2012

In earlier days, love used to be very simple without many complications. But nowadays, people have lost their power to manage things which leads to ultimate complications. With improved technology and advancement in day to day life, people have neglected the beauty of a perfect relationship. Now couples don’t want to go for a smooth bicycle ride, but instead of that they prefer a ride in BMW 7 series. Below we are going to discuss some primary elements of today’s generation which should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Facebook – Facebook is the only thing in today’s world which accounts for more than 70% break up among couples. Today’s generation is completely addicted to facebook and they keep their options open via this fake world. Getting into a parallel relationship through this website is very easy and people often get caught while cheating on their partner because of facebook. If you think that cheating is the only thing which is caused by facebook, then you are wrong, because other complicated things like changing relationship status also becomes a big reason of any fight. There are various things like adding a new girl which you don’t know or chatting with someone which is outside the comfort zone of your partner. If you limit the usage of facebook then you may avoid various complication factors.
  2. Money matters – money is also a primary concern of rising complication. Girls are always attracted to rich peoples because they think that rich people will satisfy their monetary needs easily. On the other hand, boys who can’t satisfy a girl monetarily may suffer from huge complications.
  3. Normal conversation – in earlier days, guys used to spend time with their partner, but things have changed completely. People are so career oriented that they only think about their career. Family, friends and love is not having any value in their life. A perfect relationship can’t build like this, and it demands a lot of time and efforts. If you are having some complications between you and your partner then normal conversation should be preferred which may sort out the differences.
  4. Seek out some help – if you think that your relationship is not working anymore then you must reach out for some help from your friends or some counselling agencies. These counselling centres are very effective and their programs are definitely very effective.

Some relations are not meant for a long time, but some are broken because couples don’t take the burden to clear out complications between them. If things are taken seriously and couples try to work out their relation then they can definitely work out their relationship

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