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Why love is not about sex

July 19, 2012

There is constant discussion between love and sex, and some believe that love is all about sex while others believe that sex is not a part of love. Well, you can’t deny the fact that people in love do involve in sex, but the confusion is created by many experts, which are going to be resolved in this article. Below we are going to discuss some basic points which will help you in resolving this problem

  1. Importance – sex is definitely an important part because you just can’t love someone without getting physical. Human beings are designed in such a way that they like to express their love through physical touch. In reality, if you will show love to a small baby then also you like to squeeze their cheeks and give them kisses on cheeks. So getting physical is not a sin, it’s just a natural thing but definitely complicated.
  2. Getting too much – men are always inclined towards sex and they like to do it frequently. Females on the other hand are also inclined towards sex but they like to it in a perfect situation. If any couple is only continuing their relationship on the basis of sex, then this won’t work, because sex is a temporary thing and after spending 3 to 4 years with the same person, you won’t enjoy sex as much as you did in the beginning. A time comes in life where you will enjoy a good company rather than good sex. At that point of time, mutual understanding is the most important thing. For men, play station and sex is same, they will enjoy it every time they play but at some point of time, they will take a break.
  3. Take intervals and spend time – if you think that sex is the only thing which gives you pleasure, then you must rethink, because your partner is not just a sex toy. You should spend time with your partner and should often go for holidays. If you still feel that your partner is not the special one, then it’s time to break off and look for someone who is not only good for sex but also good for mutual understanding.
  4. It’s about the journey – there is a saying that the overall fun and excitement is all about the journey not the destination. Sex is also the same, if you are thinking that sex is a very exciting thing then you are partially wrong, because sex will give you a pleasure of 1 hour but good understanding will please you for a very long time.

So, the word sex is definitely important but the true meaning of sex plays a major role when mixed with correct emotions. Girls are always emotional and they want to enjoy a good time with someone very reliable. Boys should understand that sex is not going to last forever but the company of an understanding girl will always remain forever.

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