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Time to move from friendship to love

July 19, 2012

Love and friendship is not so different but at the same time they hold a different meaning. Sometimes, friendship turns out to be true love but this does not happen always. If you are into someone and she is just your friend, then you must take some vital steps, otherwise you will end up being her best friend for your entire life. Below we are going to discuss some points which will help you while you are switching from friendship to being couples.

  1. When to switch – if you are getting sleepless nights because of your female friend, then you must realize that you have developed some feelings for her and it’s time to make sure that she won’t fall in love with someone else. This is a very critical situation where you get confused that what should be done to impress her, and tell her about your feelings. Well, in reality, you should not do something which will freak her out, just behave normally as you used to do. Tell her about your feelings in a very special occasion. Allow her some time to think. Make her believe that you are the special one and you will take care of her.
  2. Confusion creates delays – if you are confused that you should tell her about your feelings now or later, and then this will create a mess. If you have developed any feeling, then express it otherwise someone will do it before you. Today’s world is very competitive and getting a perfect girl is very difficult. If you think that this is the only girl whom you want in your life then just go for it, stop thinking and start acting as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t be heroic – in movies we have seen that the main hero of the story sacrifices his girl for someone else. Well, this is not the case in real life; if you will sacrifice your love then believes me, you won’t get someone as special as her. So, don’t try to be heroic, just be a man and follow your heart. A man will always fight for his love till the last moment.
  4. Make her feel special – if you want to get some attention from your friend then you must give some extra attention to her. Extra attention will make her feel good and comfortable, and she will feel that someone in this world is there to hold her hands when she needs it the most. But you should also keep in mind that over attention will intrude her personal space and she may start avoiding you. Therefore, everything must be calculated to perfection.

All these things are bit confusing, but if everything is in proper proportions then you will stand a good chance.

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