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A blend of love with complications

July 16, 2012

Love is definitely a good thing but complication is something, which you can’t avoid at any cost, you may reduce complications but you can’t remove it. There are various things, which are responsible for complications and one must take care of small things, which will definitely help in a healthy relationship. Below we are going to discuss some common complications faced by men and ways to avoid or resolve it.

  1. Perception – a very strong work with simple meaning, one must change his perception because what a person thinks is reflected in his actions. You should try to think straight and resolve things without getting angry or frustrated. Many couples split because both the persons get so hyper tensed that they don’t listen to each other, and waste their time in yelling at each other. Confusions are an integral part of life, it doesn’t matter how smart or intelligent you are, but at some point of time, you will face a situation where you may get confused between what is right or wrong.
  2. Avoid angry conversations – when a person is angry, he speaks what he is not thinking, you may speak the truth when you are angry, but your power to analyze any situation decreases incredibly, and you don’t realize that something wrong may be spoken, which might hamper your relationship. Therefore, it’s better to avoid any kind of conversation when things are not in your control, try to calm down and only start discussing when you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Ego – a very stupid thing, which has destroyed many relationships. A man with ego for positive things is definitely a good thing, but ego shown in case of unnecessary things will completely ruin any relationship. When we fall in love, we don’t care about ego or self pride, but as soon as time passes by our ego starts developing and we stop caring about our partner.
  4. Getting too busy – when we start a relationship with anyone, we tend to spend more time and our partner becomes the top priority. As time passes by, we take our relationship for granted and we spend time with work or friends and definitely our priority also changes with time, this is the biggest mistake we commit. A man should know how to balance a life and how to prioritize all the things in life, so that everything is getting equal attention at the same time.
  5. Level of understanding – this is the main thing which I have heard in most of the cases. Men often complain that their partner is not having same level of understanding. The simple solution is accepting the negative things as well as positive things. We always love positive things in our partner and try to change those things which annoy us, but if someone wants a trouble free relationship, then negative things should be accepted at any cost.

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