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A healthy relation of fitness and love

July 11, 2012

Love is an eternal thing, which needs no introduction but the relation of love with fitness is something new and uncommon. Well, technology has advanced and because of this, several things have changed around us. We are now reluctant on various gadgets which make physical tasks easy and simple, but because of these gadgets we are becoming lazy and unfit at the same time. Being lazy and unfit somehow affects your love life too. Below, we are going to discuss some of the most common benefits, which will help you in improving your fitness and love life too.

  1. Work out in gym – if you want a healthy life, then working out in gym is the best way to achieve that. Researchers claim that a healthy man is having a greater tendency to live in a long term relationship as compared to those who are unhealthy. If your body is healthy, then your mind will be focussed and you can manage your time efficiently, and this will eventually lead to healthy relationship. Fitness can’t be achieved in few weeks, you will have to work out for at least 1 year continuously, but the results will last for a very long time.
  2. Jogging – earlier, it was believed that jogging is very good for health but nobody focussed on the benefits gained in relationship. When you are jogging with your partner, you develop a very friendly attitude and you spend some quality time with your loved one. Jogging is definitely good for you heart and you can stay fit for a very long time, but at the same time jogging with your partner will definitely improve your relationship.
  3. Improved sex life – researchers claim that a fit person will always enjoy a better sex life as compared to those who are unfit.  Working out daily improves the regulation of blood flow throughout your body, and functions of your body part increases tremendously. Fitness is very important, if you want a healthy sex life after an age of 35 or 40. In today’s world, many couples split because they are not satisfied with their partner.
  4. Yoga – nowadays, yoga is enjoying a superior position when it comes to exercises. Many fitness experts believe that yoga not only improves your metabolism, but it also gives mental piece. Yoga also gives you extra flexibility, which helps you in performing different sex positions, which is more pleasurable than regular positions. If you can dedicate only 1 to 2 hours to yoga, then your love life will improve drastically.

Fitness is one of those things, which is avoided by many because people don’t get enough time out of their busy schedule. Well, there are endless benefits of being fit and improved love life is one of those benefits. But always remember that your partner should equally take part in your fitness regime, otherwise your partner will feel left out from your daily routine.

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