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Things to follow in a long distance relationship

July 10, 2012

In this world, nobody is perfect. Every single people are having some flaws which makes them different from one another. Well, that is a well known fact, but not accepted worldwide. Relationships are also very similar, nothing is perfect yet we fall in love just to enjoy things which is perfectly imperfect. Earlier, relationship used to be very simple and uncomplicated, but things have changed and now there are lot of things which should be considered to maintain a smooth flow of love. One of the major problems noticed in recent times is long distance relationships. Below we are going to discuss some of the most important points, which will help in rectifying some most common mistakes ignored by many.

  1. Communication gap – this is the basic reason, which leads to break ups. When two people stay in the same city, then they somehow manage to spend some time with their loved ones, but when they live miles away from each other, communication and regular meetings suffer a lot. One must understand that distance can only be covered by regular phone calls or lots of emails. Try to prepare a time slot which will help you in managing everything.
  2. Schedule meetings – if you really want to continue a long distance relationship, then you must schedule a meeting with your date once every six months. This thing is really important because you don’t want to lose something which is so precious to you. Spend at least 4 to 5 days with your partner or you can go for a vacation, which will relax your mind, and your relationship will be much stronger than before.
  3. Don’t let the spark die – people love each other and when they are separated geographically, then they lose the spark of the relationship. They forget good times spent together, small fights and smiling and laughing on silly things which always kept the spark alive. Try to capture those moments which you think is very important. Once in a week, try to refresh your memory by watching clips of your loved ones or you can also stare at some pictures and remember those good old times spent together.
  4. Let romance take over the separation – romance is a very strong emotion, which helps us in maintaining a smooth relationship. You must fancy your partner and think about new ways in which you are going to make love. Imagination is always better, and it always gives you hope and strength.
  5. Be calm and avoid anger – when you are talking on phone then breaking up is very easy, therefore, couples engaged in long distance relationship must avoid anger at all costs. It won’t help but it will definitely ruin the overall beauty of a relationship.

Relationship is always like a smooth string, you can’t hold it tightly or loosely. To maintain a smooth relationship one must manage things pretty well.

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