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Benefits of being in a committed relationship

July 10, 2012

Relationships are always beautiful, but committed relationships are even better.  Sometimes, we think that after 3 to 4 years we feel bad about a relationship and tend to break up with our partner because of too many complications. After our break up, we look for someone else and move on with our life. We are going to discuss some of the major benefits of committed relationship, which will help you in deciding whether you should break free from a long term relationship or stick with the same partner.

Below some points are mentioned, which shows the major benefits which one will gain during long term relationship.

  1. Save money and be happy – Yes, you can definitely save a lot of money during long term relationship. When a relationship starts you waste a lot of money on unnecessary phone calls, expensive gifts to make your partner happy and many other things which are completely useless. But if you are in a long term relationship, then you won’t have to spend so much, because you know your partner very well, and small things can bring happiness instead of expensive items.
  2. Mental piece – if you are engaged in a long term relationship, then you know everything about your partner, and you are aware about his/her likes and dislikes. You can make your partner happy by doing things which they really love. Now the biggest advantage is when you partner is really mad at you, and then you can resolve the fight quickly because this will not be the first fight. Mental piece is guaranteed because you are following a proper routine and you can mange things well. Couples engaged in long term relationship adapt with each other’s flaws and this is the main reason they live happily.
  3. Honour – sometimes, friends ask you that for how long you have been into a relationship, then you don’t give them a proper answer because our society respects those who maintain long term relationship. Maintaining a long term relationship in today’s world is not easy and it takes courage and patience to do so. If you want to gain some extra attention and respect then long term relationship is the best option for it.
  4. Satisfaction – now coming to physical part, every couple wants a satisfying sex life and researchers have proved that couples engaged in long term relationship are more satisfied than those who engage in short term relationship. The main thing is emotional comfort, and if you are emotionally comfortable with your partner then it increases your performance. You can easily share your thoughts and fantasies, and you can talk freely with your partner. People are having a misconception that engaging in sex with the same partner for years makes your sex life boring and because of this they tend to change partner. Well, that is not true, if you want to change something then change the way you love instead of changing your love. Go for vacation every year, take time out of your busy schedule and engage in make out session every now and then.

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