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Satisfying Sex Life: How to please your girl in the bed

July 5, 2012

One of the key factors that control the health of a relationship is the sex life. The urge and desire for sexual pleasure is a completely natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of – it is in the human nature. However, pleasing someone can be a very hard task, especially if you don’t know some of the basic rules you have to follow.

You may think that women don’t think of sex as much as man, but statistics show that this is not true. Women crave for sex just as bad as men, so a good place to start is to learn to read her emotions. If you learn to understand when she desires sexual pleasure most, you will be able to satisfy her, when she most needs it.

Spicing the sexual life is a good place to start – and yes, we man can do it too. For us it may be easier to get finished with the sexual act quickly, but remember that it takes a lot of time for a woman to achieve real pleasure. Be sure to set her in the right mood – some slow music, giving her a nice back rub, are just some of the things you can do. The foreplay is very important when it comes to satisfying women, because their psychological states affect their bodies and their sensations as well, so if you can loosen her up, and make her forget the troubles of the day with foreplay, then you are on the right track of being the stud your lady needs.

A most common mistake, most of guys do is getting straight to penis penetration. You should try to avoid that happening in any way. The first things you should do are prepare her body – gently kiss and explore every part of her body. Slowly begin to satisfying her orally. Then when you feel she is ready, you can try doing penetration using your hand.

After completing all of these steps you are ready to get your male member to finish up what’s started. Of course don’t get repetitive and try to be creative every time – don’t do the same routine over and over again, always change it and do the thing she least expects you to do – women love surprises.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can also take up a few massage classes without her knowledge, learn a few new tricks, then prepare something both romantic and sexually passionate as a surprise. Your lady will love to get home from work and find a rose petal covered path to a prepared massage table in the living room, surrounded by candle lights with the atmosphere of romantic, but sexy music, and then receive a special semi-professional massage by her loved one, both to relieve the tension of her day and pleasure in ways she never thought possible.

Remember to thing big, not get repetitive and always take your time. You and your partner will both be pleased by the results.

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