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The “FriendZone” and is there a way out?

July 3, 2012

In our days one of the worst relationship and dating problems has turned out to be the so called friendzone. But what exactly is the friendzone? How to get out? How to know you are in it? Just read along and you will find the answers to your questions.

The mysterious fictional place, called friendzone, is for people who have been indirectly rejected as sexual or romance partners by their crushes. The term “friendzone” originated in the infamous TV Show Friends, when the character Ross is nominated “Mayor of the Friend Zone”. However, it has been mostly popularized as internet slang in recent years.

Being “friendzoned” happens unexpectedly, but how can you prevent it? One of the ways to do so is to be more confident about yourself, and not be scared to confront your crush. As a man you are bound to be the strong person, which your crush looks up to.

Don’t put your crush on a pedestal – it is wrong. Remember that there is a huge difference between being there for her when she needs you, and being there for her as a friend. Don’t be her clown jester, but be her knight in shining armor. Even if you have strong feelings for her, don’t let her use you and manipulate you and stay strong on your man’s word.

Don’t be shy and scared to talk to her about the way you feel. Even if she tries to avoid the question and put you in the friendzone, don’t be scared to share your true feelings. You never know what the outcome could be, moreover women and girls always look for someone who is not afraid, it is in their genes, to try to find someone who can protect them, and if you are scared to share your own feelings, what else you are scared by?

If she doesn’t have any feelings for you and rejects you, then you could feel free to move on. Don’t get stuck on just one girl, because the world is full of new opportunities every day, and if you are just concentrating on one girl, who knows what you are missing.

Be confident in yourself and don’t try to hook up with someone else, just to get her to be jealous – do it for you. Find someone who you love, and who loves you back. Be sure to find someone who is willing to share every moment with you, without wanting anything in return.

So to sum up if you are in the friendzone, sent there by a cruel girl – be sure to confront her directly. If she rejects you again – move on and try to find someone else, but don’t get stuck in one place, thinking there may be a chance for you in the future. If she can’t appreciate you now, she won’t appreciate or love you in the future. Confront and move on – one of the basic rules you have to know, to get out of the friendzone, and if you don’t want to be put there again, by another girl, and then just remember to be more confident.

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