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Is it possible to break up and stay friends?

June 30, 2012

In our days, more than ninety percent of relationships don’t work out. The first days are going great, but as you begin to get to know each other you start to notice your differences, you start to drive apart, until one day you simply break up. But there are some situations, when you notice that the girl is very nice, just not the right one for you, and you’d like to stay friends with her, but you know that if you break up with her, she will only get hurt. So how do you deal with a problem like that?

There are a few possible solutions to the said problem, but none of them are a certainty for success. If you want for you to separate, but you don’t want to be the bad guy, why not let her to do the break up? She might not see that you two don’t fit, but start showing that to her. Don’t become too harsh with her, just show her sides of you that she doesn’t like, or concentrate on interests of yours, which she isn’t keen on.

Become more lazy and don’t take care of you as much, get on her nerves, and you will see how she will start noticing that you two don’t belong together. This would be the perfect time for “the talk”, and she will most probably agree with you that you two don’t fit as a couple, but could stay friends.

Another way is to break up with her immediately, and give her some time. Then she will has most probably realized that she was not right for you romantically, but there is no harm in you two sharing a nice friendly relationship.

One of the hardest parts is to actually stay in touch after the break up. In most cases when two people break up, their egos don’t let them to call the other and invite him on a simple hanging out, so if you want to break up with her, but you want to keep her as a friend, be sure that you will have to overcome you ego and after the break up keep in touch with her and actually ask her out. However, when you do that you should give her clues that you are not asking her out on a romantic date, but a friendly going out.

In a relationship, realizing that your lady is not the one for you is a painful moment, especially if you care about her, so be sure to overcome your ego, and make yourself look bad. That way you can ensure that her feelings would be kept safe, and she won’t be hurt, and in the same time you will gain the opportunity to keep her as a friend after the break up. Remember that it may take some time for her to overcome you, so if you notice that she is not ready, don’t force her. Let the time pass and when you are both ready you will see, that breaking up and staying friends is not that hard of a job.

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