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Coping with jealousy – from a man’s perspective

June 28, 2012

In every romantic relationship there are problems, and one of the most common problems is jealousy. It can come from both the male and the female, and it could even be the reason for a break up. These are the reasons, which make coping with jealousy a crucial factor in building the foundations of a stable relationship.

Taking up coping with jealousy from a man’s perspective is a bit harder, because statistics show women tend to be more jealous than men. If your loved one shows jealousy in some way, be sure to accept it as a sign of love, and think rational – Have you given a reason for her to be jealous? Have you tried communicating with her about the problem at hand?

One of the most important things to do, when coping with jealousy, is making her feel special in various ways. Make sure that you are showing your love for her in any way possible, and that she is the only girl that you care about in the world.

If she still acts jealous, then the problem may be in her, in which way you should try to communicate with her, but in a simple and calm matter. A think to be cautious about is using the word “we”, for example “how can we cope with the problem, honey”, “what do you think WE did wrong”. Remember not to mention to her, that you think the problem is in her – there might be something you overlooked.

But we men tend to be jealous as well, don’t we? If our girl hugs her male friend, or if someone looks at your girl’s body, doesn’t something inside you wake up, and make you feel angry and mad?

Coping with jealousy can be hard, but be sure to content yourself in every way possible, when you feel that horrible feeling. It is true that if someone passes the line you are allowed to defend your girl, but be sure that she is not comfortable with what is going on. If she is satisfied with what is happening, then the problem may be bigger and you will need to have a serious talk with her, regarding it.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, if you are in a romantic relationship you are bound to feel jealous at some point in time. That is why, when you feel that things are building up inside you, make sure to turn your brain on full thrust and calm yourself down.

Coping with jealousy can be a serious issue in a relationship, and even though it is sometimes hard, you should never give up easily. Remember that communication is an important element in coping with every problem in a romantic relationship, and jealousy can be a serious issue.

If you and your loved one have managed to cope with jealousy successfully, then you are in for a long and positive relationship full with amazing moment, not disturbed by anger or other problems.

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