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Being a Gentleman – a little courtesy goes a long way

June 27, 2012

Being a gentleman is an art form, not every man can appreciate, but if you learn to follow few simple steps in becoming a gentleman, you will find yourself unwittingly doing little gestures, which most of the women notice.

The art of being a gentleman dates back to Renaissance times, when the knights, induced by Italian and Spanish love novels, found their impossible love in a normal girl and made her feel special. They fought for her, they protected her and they were bringing her the most valuable of gifts.

Today you don’t have to participate in battles, or concentrate over one girl in order to be a gentleman. Today, what being a gentleman is all about is a little common courtesy. Follow your heart, and when around a girl, try to be a better person.

A simple action, which is highly notices is opening the door for a girl and giving her the opportunity to be the first one to pass. It may sound ridiculous, but if you learn to do that every time, without thinking if you are with friends or not, casual or on a date, you will see how every women around you notices your style of being a gentleman.

Another important rule is to pay the bill, if you are on a date with a girl. This is a key factor in the dating life as a whole, so be sure to remember it, as it sets a nice impression to everyone, but mostly the girl – when you are with a girl on a date, don’t let her bring out her purse and always pay the bill. Even if she offers you to split the bill, don’t accept it. That is what being a gentleman means.

Be confident, do things with a style, even if you are just hanging out with friends, give the girls extra attention and care – if a girls drops something, pick it up for her. But in the same time act powerful and strong – you are not opening the door for her or giving her extra attention, because you want her to notice you, you are doing that to show your appreciation for her.

Girls and women have preferred the stronger individual since the dawn of men, which is why confidence is an important factor in being a gentleman. Even if you don’t have the strongest body and muscles, be sure to have the strongest spirit. Make sure to show the people around you, that you know how things are done, and that your life is going great, even if it isn’t.

Being a gentleman is hard thing to accomplish, but once you mastered the art of being one, then you are in for a treat. Even in your first attempts of becoming a gentleman you will notice how females start to act different around you. Be a little mysterious, but be confident, show that you appreciate girls, and that you are there to protect them and you will understand what being a gentleman is all about.

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