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5 dating tips for mеn or what should we do, while on a date

June 26, 2012

Whether you are old or young, if you are dating, you are bound to experience a lot of different situations, with women or girls, who don’t have anything in common.  So can a person give dating tips for men, when the women vary in so many different ways? Well, there are five important rules every man should follow, as listed below.

  1. Be Honest – The first of the five dating tips for men, is the rule of honesty. A man should simply tell the truth, because women always find a way to pick up on a lie. And if everything goes well between the two of you – do you want a relationship build on lies?  If there is something you don’t wish to share, just ignore it in a causal way, but remember to be honest and never lie to the person you are dating.
  2. Be Interested – Regardless of the state, time and place of the date, you should always be interested in what she is saying. This is one of the most important of the dating tips for men, because if you are not interested in her as a person, everything may go terribly wrong. Lines such as “Tell me more!” and “Oh, really?” are very useful, but remember the first of the rules – be honest in your speech and actions.
  3. Be Cautious – The third of the dating tips for men is one of the hardest to follow, but one which will probably take you the furthest – being cautious. What does this mean? It is pretty simple, since the moment she walks in the room look at her from head to toe, and try to notice the little details – earrings, necklace, dress, and of course compliment her on her choice. While she tells a story notice the little details, try to connect the dots and ask questions regarding it, as you remember the rule of being cautious – if you notice something upsets her, a song or something else, try to make her laugh.
  4. Be Confident – The fourth rule of this series of dating tips for men is as simple as it goes – confidence. Being confident is a key factor not only in the dating life, but in your life as well, so be sure to work on your confidence before going out on a date. Overconfidence, however, is also a problem, so be sure to have just the right amount of confidence.
  5. Be Yourself – The fifth and final rule of the dating tips for men may sound a bit overused and obvious to state, however it should be taken under great consideration. What are your strong sides? What are your weaknesses? How to cope with them? Which Stories you should share on the first dates, and which are more appropriate during cuddle time under the covers. Think about it, before going out.

These five rules are some of the basic dating tips for men, which can be of a great help to you, if you learn to use them correctly. Be honest, be interested and a bit curious, be cautious, but confident – and at the end – just be yourself!

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