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How to Banish Boredom in a Relationship

June 22, 2012

How to Banish Boredom in a Relationship

When it comes down to it, we get involved with others so we are not bored being alone. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep a relationship alive all the time, especially when you’ve been with the same person for a few years or so. It is only natural for us, as humans, to build routines for ourselves in day to day life. We wake up, we shower and get ready for the day, we go to work, come home and make dinner and sleep. During free time, here are some ways to bring the excitement level in a relationship back to

where it used to and should be… and what to avoid in the process.

If you are beginning to get bored in your current relationship, you should start to worry. Even though being bored might seem like something minor, something that you and your partner will grow out of, and something that is not worth worrying about, it can grow to cause major strain on the relationship and eventually major damage.

One big reason that people fall in love is challenge. They see the other person as a challenge to be discovered and a mystery to unfold, meaning that while two people are learning different things about each other every day they are ensuring that they are never bored. But you can only learn so much. You can only learn so much about one person before your mind starts to become bored with what that person has to say and starts to seek out new opportunities.

Adjust your attitude towards your partner. Remember why you fell in love with them to begin with, and take your heart back to that place. Do not become aggressive toward your partner, do not yell. Hug your partner more often as well. Remind them exactly how much and what they mean to you, and how big of a factor they are in your life.

Another way to help remove the boredom from a relationship is to do little things for your partner. Just something to make them smile and make them happy, which will make you happy in return and you’ll want to do more things together as a result. Becoming more compassionate towards your partner and how they are feeling makes them see that you care, so they will return the favor. When you two are happy with your relationship then you want to work to make it better; and work means there is no time to be bored.

If you are looking for one simple way to rid the boredom from your relationship, sitdown and talk with them about it. Find out what they are interested in and come to a common ground. Take your long-term relationship back to the dating phase. Designate a certain night of the week that you and your partner go out to a nice place for dinner or to a movie at the drive-in. Drive-ins are always fun; maybe even go for ice cream afterwards!

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