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Love is not the only secret ingredient in a successful relationship

June 20, 2012

Love is not the only secret ingredient in a successful relationship

Talking from experience, most women start dreaming about having the perfect relationship the minute they realize they have fallen in love. It is only after it has actually happened that they realize that love is not the only secret ingredient in a successful relationship and that there are many others things which need to be in place before one can say they have a perfect relationship.

It is important to understand that love alone cannot be enough for the survival of a healthy relationship, though it is undoubtedly the ultimate constituent. Love isn’t just about having a romantic relationship with your partner; it is more about the friendship, the trust and the trust in each other that you share. And on top of all this the most binding agent is the concept of compromise. It is often said that compromise is something which has to be made on both sides. Many might hold this to be true but I believe it is absolutely impossible for both the partners to compromise on an equal level. Now very obviously you can’t be keeping a record of how many times your partner compromised and how many times you must, to keep a balance. Compromise has always been seen as the stronger part of women. Some of you might be surprised that this is coming from me as I’m a woman myself but it is the truth and women should not be feeling inferior in admitting it. When you make a compromise it doesn’t mean that you love the other person more or rather only you love your partner enough to compromise for him. This is more about accepting the fact that men are not so good at this and hence they shouldn’t be forced to.

Moreover, relationships cannot survive having the slightest hint of formality. Men are more forthright as compared to women and they might always be taking the first step towards making themselves at ease in certain situations. Women, on the contrary, tend to be more shy and withdrawn and this can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. If you have the strong bond of friendship you might never have to worry about this problem. So this is again where women have to put in a little more effort. Before anything else, you should be friends with your man. This not only removes all the boundaries but will also make you closer to him and he will give away himself very easily seeing that you are equally interested. The most successful relationships I have ever seen are the ones where the two partners are best of friends. With friendship comes confidence and trust and without this a relationship can never become what you have always dreamed it to become. This is because communication problems are the most common problems in relationships and when you cannot communicate yourself to your partner you cannot expect to avoid misunderstandings which eat away the love out of a relationship.

Therefore, someone has rightly said… “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new…”

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