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Top 5 ways of breaking up with a girl

June 18, 2012

Relations are meant to socialize the human beings and bring in the humanity among us to separate us from other wild animals. But sometimes, breaking a relation becomes necessary in order to cherish the other worldly pleasures, and perform other duties that we have for our family and friends around us.

Ways to break the relation with a girl:

  1. Creating a delusional relation signifying cheating: Though, this step on how to break up seems easy but requires a lot of hard work, and even some time in order to show the results effectively. For this step, you might take the help of any of your friend who is a girl and then enact a delusional secret love relationship that is going on between you and the girl, which not suddenly, but slowly gets exposed to your girlfriend after a series of events that strengthens the cheating you have done.
  2. Avoidance for showing you do not care anymore about her: In certain situations, you might even try to avoid her so that she feels you do not care anymore. Try to dump the meetings or dates that have been preplanned. If she is terribly angry with you show even more anger, and if she tries to find the reason act indifferent to whatever she feels. Keep on avoiding her as a step on how to break up, till she feels that you are interested no more or even if she goes ahead with the final breakup.
  3. Stay disorganized and remain as uncool as possible: Make your life dirty and disorganized for a few days as a step on how to break up. From your room to your clothes, and even yourself if possible in order to show that you like to live the way you want. When she tries to interfere, you should tell her to stay within limits and if possible out of your life, as it is your life and no one should interfere with it.  If she looks confused with your reaction convince her about the fact that you are like this and you will not change for anyone not even her.
  4. Lose touch and try to go away as far as possible: One of the best steps on how to break up is to leave the place where she lives immediately and never come back. Change all your contact references, and even tell all your family members and your friends to never tell her about where you are and why you have left the town or city. She might wait for you for a few months or even one or two years, but then her life too will keep going on as it always does.
  5. Teel her directly that you are not interested in her anymore, and you think seriously that she is not the right girl for you.

Though, these steps helps you in breaking the relationship that you have with this girl, but the step which matches your present situation better should only be selected to ensure the best results. Most of these steps have already proved themselves as the effective way of losing a girl permanently.

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