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How to Keep the Love While Pregnant

June 18, 2012

How to Keep the Love While Pregnant

Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, maybe you’re even married or engaged. There comes a time in everyone’s relationships when children are discussed. Do we want kids? How many would we like to have? Some couples do decide to get pregnant, and some do not. Some often split up because the decisions differ, but that’s for a whole other article. Right now, my focus is on those couple’s that do decide to have a child, but mainly the women.

The exact moment in which you find out you are pregnant is a very important occasion and a certain cause for celebration. What most couples do not truly understand is that when a woman is pregnant there is a great chance that her body will change. I’m not just talking about her baby bump, I’m saying swollen ankles, weight gain, and not to mention all of the emotional changes associated. Here are a few tips to keep the spice of your relationship alive, for both of you, while you are going through hormonal changes during your pregnancy.

Staying connected to your spouse during pregnancy is, of course, the number one most helpful tip to keep the relationship alive. Be honest and open with each other. Tell him everything you are feeling and experiencing, and even pick out some literature for him to read to help him connect with what you are going through. Granted, there are some women out there who will not go through relationship struggles at all during pregnancy. In fact, just the opposite; their changes in hormone levels might bring more spice to the relationship. But most women do have this problem, so I am writing for most women.

It is not only the women that may be experiencing some difficulty handling the newly added responsibility. Most men go through many stresses such as thinking that they will not be good fathers or that they will not be able to handle everything that comes with a growing child. All you, as women, need to do is just reassure them. Just tap into his emotional and sensitive side, and express to him that he will make a wonderful father. Help him to believe that, and in return he will be less restrained and feel more confident throughout the entire pregnancy.

Lastly, open the doors of communication and nurture your relationship throughout the whole pregnancy process, and even after the child has been born. By keeping communication alive in the relationship you are ensuring that you as well as your partner are experiencing everything together. Sharing is a big part of any relationship, whether you are pregnant or not. Also, understand that the relationship that you have established with your partner is different than that of the one you have with your child. So, keep them separate. Do not talk about the baby the entire 9 months you are pregnant. Instead, create a healthy balance among the three of you… your partner will thank you.

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