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Long distance relationships in today’s world

June 16, 2012

Long distance relationships in today’s world

Having heard great stories of great loves one might come to think of “love” as an easy situation. It definitely isn’t and certainly not so unproblematic when it has to deal with distances. With this we might want to focus on the long distance relationships in today’s world.

Keeping up with your long distance relationships might not be an easy affair, especially not for women who tend to get more emotional and mostly depend a lot on their men. You might be wondering how the love of Romeo and Juliet survived all that it did and you might start confusing it with yours until you realize they were living in a complete different world; a world where true love can easily and effortlessly flourish. Relationships in the world today are subject to tribulations such as jealous partners, insecurities, trivial arguments and distrust at times. These problems tend to get puffed-up when two people decide to keep their relationship even when they are moving to different continents.

Not every relationship is capable of tolerating the test of distance and time. This is not only true for relationships which have been newly formed, but also for those which have stayed for years. Even when you think your relationship might stand the difficulties of long distances, it will still end up going down the drain sooner or later. And it does not at all mean that you didn’t love enough to keep your relationship intact, it just means that sometimes there are problems which cannot be addressed with long distances in between, and hence the failure of the long distance relationships in today’s world.

Some very common problems encountered by long distance relationships can seem very general but with the matter of distance, they keep getting more complicated and you don’t even realize when. Such problems include jealousy, lack of communication, your partner not being there at the right time when you need him, parting ways in life, different lifestyles, and insecurities, uncertain future together, loneliness and the list goes on.

Jealousy might seem to be a thing most pronounced for by women. It should definitely not be taken so casually even if it is coming from your man. Women don’t usually speak out when they are jealous and it is not always jealousy, sometimes they may just be over protective and if this element exists in your relationship it is definitely a bad idea to consider keeping it over long distances. Your long distance relationship will only survive if you think you can handle your man talking to other women, getting indulged in social activities more than ever before and so on.

For some it is easier to say that the advancement in communication methods has solved the problem to some extent. But only those who are in the situation know how little phone calls, texts and Skype sessions help. The effect of the face to face conversation can never be replaced and phone calls can definitely not help tackle some of the problems. It is absolutely true that romances rarely come to succeed when they are subject to merely faxes and emails. This can be a serious trouble. Women always need a kind shoulder and when their partner is missing from the scene for a very long time they might start depending on someone else for this comfort. This brings in a very strong barrier between the relationships and might even be permanent.

Most people have encountered the trouble of re-socializing. Having years or even months of long distances between you and partner, you may feel you cannot exactly have what you once had. Above all, Loneliness is the biggest obstacle to a long distance relationship. These will often lead to cheating and infidelities. In the end, it will still be up to the couple’s commitment towards each other that counts best.



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