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Does Speed Dating Work

June 14, 2012

Does Speed Dating Work?

Speed dating is a very familiar concept nowadays, even though some of us have never gone to a session. But have you ever wondered if it really works? I’m pretty mixed up on the whole concept. You go into a room with lots of other people and you play musical chairs (without the music) every 5 minutes. But on the other hand you get to meet a lot of people, some interesting some not, all the while being given a good opportunity to decide who you’d like to go on a date with.

Speed dating was originally created to help Jewish singles find each other and marry. (It’s always interesting to find out something like this about a topic that we hardly think of.) The first speed dating session took place in late 1998 at a little café in Beverley Hills, soon after which commercials on television started advertising speed dating. Commercials, of course have led to TV shows such as Sex in the City and movies as something that wealthy and glamorous people did.

The setup is usually the same for a session wherever you are. Tables are set in a circle with two chairs on either side of each table, and usually there is one group that sits on the same side and stays stationary while the other side moves. Whoever holds the speed dating event, blows a whistle, or clinks a glass, or rings a bell within a 2-8 minute time frame. That is when one side, usually the outer side of people, move on to the next table to meet the next date.

Most of the people who speed date believe that it is a more effective way of meeting someone, versus a bar scene or a party, because everyone is there for the same reason; to meet somebody new. Typically, people are grouped into age ranges that fall among each other, the speed dating environment is quieter than that of a bar scene so you have room to talk comfortably, and people that wish to participate can come alone knowing that they will not be out of place. Women usually go to speed dating sessions in groups as a “girls’ night out” event… which is a good idea just in case something goes wrong.

If you are unable to get out, you can speed date online with video, audio or text chats. The only thing that I do not like about online speed dating is the fact that you do not have the added satisfaction of meeting that person face to face.

I like meeting people face to face; these encounters make it easier to talk to your date and get to know them. You can see their eyes, which I do believe are windows into the soul. Even if it is just for 5 minutes or so, speed dating is a good thing in my book. It gets people out there in situations with other singles… so I guess you could say that I’m not so mixed up on this concept after all.

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