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First Date Turn Offs

June 10, 2012

First Date Turn Offs

While I am sitting here reading on this topic, I’m thinking that most people already know all this stuff, those of us that have been through the dating world anyway. But for anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with the dating scene or hasn’t been in that world in a long time, then I would read this article if I were you.
First off, this is a no brainer even for those who’ve never had a relationship; to avoid talking about your exes at all costs. It just makes sense to not talk about exes simply for the fact of keeping them off of your minds. If you are on a date with someone, let’s say a great someone, the last thing you need is you or the other person thinking about your exes. If you want to talk about this topic with the person you are with, make sure that you have gotten to know them first and are comfortable telling each other things from your past. This topic is not suitable for a first date, or any date.
Another great thing to not talk about on a date is religion. If you are planning to become serious with this person, then this topic must be discussed, but (just like the above) not too soon so as to avoid unnecessary debating and arguing on a first date. If you want to know whether the person is Christian or not, let’s say, then simply ask but save the big conversation for a later date. Politics is another big conversation, like religion, that should not be heavily discussed in a new relationship; especially when your views are dramatically different from those of your date.
If you’re on a first date, you’re goal is to make it to the second date and so on. But family should not be discussed from the get-go, especially if you have some family members that are not so honest. Let’s say that you have family history of mental unbalances. That is something that might drive your first date away, so it is best not to mention anything about that until you have gotten to know each other better and hold respect for one another. If it was me, I wouldn’t mention any mental instabilities in my family tree simply for the fact that I might become very embarrassed if my partner knew. But that’s just me.
You should never ever lie to your partner, but on the first or second date it is acceptable to simply hold things back in order to ensure you get to a point of trust. It is acceptable to hold back any criminal past that you might have, to ensure that you do not scare your date away. Do not discuss any future plans that you may have for your relationship; that will definitely scare your first date away.
But the number one thing to not discuss on a first date is anything that your partner is not interested in.

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