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Accepting a Wedding Proposal

June 8, 2012

Accepting a Wedding Proposal

In our existent life it is not at all simple to uncover the man who really likes you, wants you to be his better half, cares for you and whatsoever he expresses is not just within the words, he actually means it and on the other side, you as well comprehend that he is the one made for you and he is your soul mate. Every girls wants a life partner who will be able to better understand her, compliment her and communicate with her. Could anything top that? I mean this is really what life is about, finding that soul mate and he is out there…somewhere…

A wedding proposal will be one of the most significant and thrilling moments of your life. Always converse with your partner about your prospect jointly, so when the time comes, you are able to say yes and know that you signify it. If you are one of the several females who have been blessed to have the question popped to you, you may also have to confess that this is one of the most courageous and romantic things that could occur. Having a solid man following you makes you feel associated to things, it makes you feel protected and secure, like he will always be there to protect you. However when a magnificent rock is popped in front of a girl she gets overwhelmed by its beauty but instead of genuinely committing to the sacred bond of marriage women rush the things and make a bad choice. These things should be figured out before there is a yes. When you are not wedged in the moment and have waited for this query and are merely elated that it has been proposed, there’s no better time than to say yes.

If he is a solid man and you can see refuge in his persona and this is what you fancy, but are not in love but identify yourself that you will dedicate yourself to him for a lifetime, is not an optimal yes. It positively is sensible if you confer it with him and he agrees with it. Many marriages are based on these very ingredients and can last and be fidelous if there is an understanding. Learning to love later can also happen and be blissful.

If you love him but simply are not prepared to see a lifetime of him and him alone then it is not a good time to say yes. Asking for more time is not breaking up; it is not counting him out. It is asking for time and it should be explained that way. If he loves you and understands how you experience, the wait can advantage you both. Be happy.

Make your response heartfelt. If you say yes, say yes with everything you have. This is not the time for reservations! It’s a time for showing the feelings you have for your partner!

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