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Looks in Relationships and Dating

June 4, 2012

Looks in Relationships and Dating

People say looks do not matter when starting to date or in beginning a relationship. You hear it everywhere growing up, and even into your adult years. Your mom tells you, your grandmother tells you, and eventually you tell yourself. The statement that “looks do not matter” becomes even a testament to who you are. But I have never believed this to be true.

Take “love at first sight” for example. “Love at first SIGHT” is all about what looks good to you. If you walk by someone who you think is unattractive, than you are probably not going to look at them and you might not even want to get to know them. While this is also a common phrase used in love songs, movies and on TV, it disproves all of what you were taught about relationships. That looks do not matter.

I do not believe in simply “love at first sight” either, but I do believe that if we find someone attractive to our eye then we want to get to know that person. If we like what we find, then and only then will a relationship of any kind begin to build. What I am saying is that I believe in “LIKE at first sight”.

It has been scientifically proven that men are more attracted to physical beauty than women.Having stated that, though, it does not meant that there aren’t women out there who will only want to be with a man for his ‘hunky’ physique or ‘prominent cheekbones’.  It just means that if you are a woman prepare to be sorted out by potential mates based on how good you look in makeup.As humans, though, we all are visual creatures. Most of us out there believe in only what we can see with our naked eye, and that is why “love at first sight” is such a common phrase.

Another example to help prove my point that looks do matter in dating and relationships is the physical body. Let’s say a thinner person is really close friends with a not so thin person. They talk things over and they decide to date, after which the relationship becomes steady. It lasts for maybe a few weeks to a month. The thinner partner becomes frustrated with the out of shape partner’s eating habits and levels of activeness. The thinner person then gets so fed up they end things, much to the dismay of the not so thin partner.

Not so fair, right? Well, what I didn’t tell you was that while the relationship was unfolding the out of shape partner became very jealous of the others looks, physique, the fact that friends came easy to that person and their active lifestyle. Summing that up, do not get involved with one whom you know will make you jealous and ridicule yourself because you think they look better than you.

Bringing everything to a conclusion, I believe that if our eyes see something beautiful we instantly find it appealing. But solely on that note, get to know what is underneath before you decide anything concrete.

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