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The 3 Basic Relationship Guidelines

June 3, 2012

The 3 Basic Relationship Guidelines

Some say a relationship is hard work, not to mention one that is long term, but there are only a few simple rules you need to keep in mind. Well, they’re not so much ‘rules’ as ‘guidelines’.

First up to the plate, is Trust. This is a big one; no relationship out there can survive without Trust. I don’t care who you are. The reason I am able to state trust as being a major factor in a relationship is because I have had a few go wrong in the name of untrustworthiness. You and your partner have to completely trust each other in order for you two to have a long, happy relationship… and maybe even marriage… together. That doesn’t mean that you have to tell each other where you are or what you are doing at every hour of every day. Not, at least, to the point that it becomes sickening. Just simply show up when you say you’re going to be somewhere, do what you say you’ll do, and stick to your word. Trust comes with time; grows with time.

Now, while we are still on the topic of ‘trust’ I will bring forth ‘honesty’. If there was ever a best friend for Trust it is Honesty. You cannot have one without the other simply because if you always lie to your partner, then Trust will leave Honesty in the dust and your relationship broken and weak. That does not always mean that things are really over, though. There is still one more possibility, for you and your partner, to help build the relationship back to a standing position.

So now we know that Trust and Honesty pal around together, but let me tell you the main reason why they are such good friends. In my book, the Matchmaker for this giant friendship goes by the name Respect. Losing Respect means the whole game has been lost. Let me make that clearer… if you always lie (i.e. are never honest) then Trust will leave in a rush, but Respect is the one who decides is Trust worth bringing back? The whole reason why two people get together in the first place is a mutual respect for one another. Forget about Cupid, Respect is the real deal. There’s even a song about it!

Relationships can be hard battles to fight, I can tell you that, and not all can be won. Whether it is you who has taken Honesty for granted or your partner, there is sometimes one last chance to make everything happy again. If you are really serious about your partner and restoring what you have together, then do not despair. If there is still Respect, there is still a battle to be won. Now, I’m not saying that the above is always the case. Sometimes, Respect decides to leave with Trust. In that situation, the chance of winning is out of your hands and you must let it go and move on. Whatever the case may be, everything happens for a reason.

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