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Need Some Sweet Date Ideas?

June 1, 2012

Here are some sweet date ideas for you:

sweet date ideas

1. A date at the local park

Have a nice romantic walk in the park with your honey. A nice place to chit chat and chill. Not for those who are seeking for action and adventure, but its a nice place for a first date without to much investment.

Almost every town has it’s own park.
2. A date to a baseball game

Well this date is certainly more for people who are into watching baseball games. Not the best date to choose to go with a girl since most girls are bored by baseball, but there are sure exceptions to the norm.

3. A date at the beach on a sunny day

A walk on the beach is always a good idea for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Especially on a sunny day it could turn into a really romantic walk.

4. A date to the local zoo

Well this one is a classic. It’s fun to go to the zoo and watch different animals together. There will be always something to talk about and this is a good thing if you are scared to talk about yourself.

You can just watch the animals and make comments about them.

5. A date at a cocktail lounge or restaurant

This one is very classic and is also a good date idea. Just got to a near by cocktail lounge and have a drink with your sweety. A restaurant is even better if you are both hungry, a nice place to have conversations in a quite and relaxing atmosphere.
6. A date cooking a romantic meal together

This is a great date to bring your honey to your place and cooking together. It’s so much fun because your are actually doing something together and work as a team. And later when the cooking is done it’s easy to move to other things like watching a film together or making out on the couch.
7. A date at the local museum

There are certainly people who enjoy culture, so if your date is into culture and history this is probably also a good dating location. Museums can be found in every major city and vary alot, so it might be a good idea to look them up online on google and then decide which one to choose.
8. A roller blading & rollerskating date

Roller-blading is fun and you don’t have to focus on talking since you are both busy with staying on your feet. There are alot of places where you can rollerskate: local pars, local streets and even special roller blading camps.
9. The classic movie date

Well this one is a reall classic, not a good place to get to know each other but it’s a nice way to spend time together without having the urge to talk all the time. Just have fun enjoy the movie and after the movie you can do other things like having a drink at your place.

10. Dancing

A great way to get physical with your love and have fun without much words. There are alots of places where you can go and dance, like local clubs or music lounges. Also a great way to bring some friends and introduce them to your date.

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