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10 Relationship Rules for Facebook

July 26, 2010

Facebook is a great site that many people use for staying in touch with friends and family all over the world. But it can spell out big trouble for your relationship if you’re not careful. Here are some do’s and don’t for Facebook to help keep your relationship a happy one.

Rule #1: Don’t Post Potentially Embarrassing Things: This rule is for every time you feel inclined to write “Didn’t sleep a wink last night because hubby snored all night” or “Ew, just puked my guts out”. No one needs to know these things, and it doesn’t really give a good impression of yourself – or your mate.

Rule #2: Don’t Kiss and Tell: Not everyone wants that image of you and someone else doing anything slightly intimate together. Details are not necessary. Besides – that’s best kept between just the two of you.

Rule #3: Don’t Describe Your Life Together Minute By Minute: I have a friend who every single post is about her her boyfriend and what he is doing every minute of the day. “Made toast today for breakfast…with ♥Steve♥” is soon followed up 20 minutes later with “Watched the news…with ♥Steve♥”. It’s not a healthy obsession.

Rule #4: Don’t Get in Arguments Online: I also have friends who frequently fight with each other online. He posts: “Wife broke my computer” She posts: “I did not”. He posts: “Yes, you did”. She posts: Did not, you total jerk”. Does anyone really want to get in the middle of that? Or need to hear it? Keep the arguments offline.

Rule #5: Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Facebook: If you are spending hours of your day online on social networking sites, you may want to try taking some time away and doing something constructive for your relationship instead.

Rule #6: Don’t Dump Someone on Facebook: These days with social networking sites being the easiest and most nonconfrontational way to communicate with someone, it can be tempting to use it to break up with someone. But it’s not going to make it any easier, especially if your friends start chiming in to the conversation.

Rule #7: Consider the Audience: Some people will likely over analyze everything you write and make it into a very big ordeal when it really isn’t. This is especially true of in-laws, who may then cause grief for your partner over something you wrote.

Rule #8: Don’t Friend Exes: There is nothing worse to your partner than seeing you have exes in your friends list or commenting on your status updates. Exes should stay exes – and no matter how long it’s been or how far away they live, don’t be tempted to add them to your friends.

Rule #9: Know What Your Partner Deems Okay: Is your partner okay with you having 200+ friends of the opposite sex who you chat with online? If your partner’s not okay with it, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Rule #10: Make Sure Your Statuses Match: If you are married, you and your partner should both say you are married. If one of you has a single status, you have to wonder why.

Have any suggestions you’d like to add to our list of top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules? What pet peeves do you have about Facebook and how does it affect your relationships?

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