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Free Online Dating eBook

July 23, 2010

Online dating should be fun and simple – but it doesn’t always work out that way! If you’re struggling with meeting someone online or aren’t sure where to start or what to do, we put together a free online dating ebook you can download to help explain everything and get you started in the right direction. Yes, it really is 100% FREE!

Here are some of the things covered in the book:

*Choosing a dating site out of the thousands out there

*Tips for writing a profile that gets others to contact you

*How to get  good photographs for your profile

* What to write in an email to someone you are interested in

* 10 First Date Ideas for Meeting Someone Online (The best one costs less than a few dollars!)

* Making Relationships Last (Good suggestions for anyone in a new relationship!)

* Dating safety tips and how to protect your privacy

* A list of all the best online dating resources

It’s hard to believe we were able to pack so much information in just 19 pages! Taking just 5-10 minutes to read it today could do wonders in making dating online easier – not to mention save you a lot of time and money wasted on bad dates. Even if you’re not single you might find some great ideas for cheap dates and tips for making new relationships work – and of course you can always share it with someone you may know who would benefit from the tips inside this book.

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