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42 Romantic Evenings Ideas

April 20, 2010

It’s not always easy to think of romantic evenings ideas of ways to spend time together with your partner. Sometimes we’re too exhausted to do more each night other than crash on the couch and stare at the TV, other times we struggle to find something fun to do on a Wednesday night…and…there’s nothing to do on Wednesdays because most of the totally awesome date ideas you can think of are only available during the day or the weekend.

Too many couples get stuck in the rut of the same old, same old romance.  Going out to dinner every Thursday night is a good start for reconnecting with one another – but if it becomes a habit you’re going to get bored with that, too. If you want your relationship to be something special and exciting, you need to add a little variety to the things you do.

Thankfully, you’ll never have to struggle again looking for romantic things to do, no matter what day or time it is, because there are a lot of great things you can do to be more romantic with each other every night that can help you reconnect and add more romance into your days. You can be creative and romantic and help your relationship stay on track with any of these ideas below, and they are all “weeknight friendly date ideas”:

Take a Walk: Taking a walk is one of the easiest things any couple can do together, and if you have kids or pets they can be involved in it as well. If you have a low traffic neighborhood, just a stroll around the block will be enough, or you can always go to a park nearby. Walking not only helps you improve your physical fitness and health so you are at your best and are in a good mood, but it also gives you each some time to just talk and reconnect with each other again.

Cook Dinner Together: When one person does all of the cooking in the family it can seem more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. But when you cook together it can help you both talk with one another and helps you spend time doing something to help you relax and reconnect with each other.

Slow Dance: Just about everyone has access to a radio or stereo or even audio files on your computer. Put on some music and dance with one another. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at dancing, because no one will be able to see you, you can just enjoy the feeling of holding each other close with your favorite music in the background. If you both are awful at dancing, you can also consider taking a dance class together.

Watch the Sunset: Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset together? If you don’t already have a favorite place to watch the sunset, check to see what the local sunset times are in your area and go to different locations until you find the place that is your favorite.

Take a Bubble Bath: Bubble baths aren’t just for kids. If the bath tub is too small for you both to fit in, consider just getting a bath ready for your partner with everything they might like, such as a good book to read or some relaxing scents.

Make a Love Journal Together: All you need is a notebook or a binder with some paper to make a fun scrapbook together. Write love poems, stories, an account of what you did that day or add in some pictures. Putting it in writing is another way to affirm your love for one another.

Star Gazing: If you can see the stars some night from where you live, why not go out together on a picnic blanket and enjoy a star-lit evening together? Visit some websites to learn your constellations or visit a planetarium.

Ride a Bike: Even if you don’t have a bicycle built for two, it can still be fun to go on a leisurely bike ride together. Be sure to ride in place where you can ride next to each other without worrying about oncoming traffic – and make sure it is still daylight out!

In a Canoe: You can usually get a really cheap secondhand canoe if you don’t already have one, and there are also many lakes the offer affordable boat rentals as well. This is a really relaxing and romantic thing to do.

Go Fishing: My husband loves to go fishing, and while yes sometimes I know he’d rather go with his fishing buddies, there are other times when it is fun for just the two of us to go and do something together that he really enjoys.

Kiss Each Other: Couples who are newly dating don’t probably need to be reminded to kiss one another, but if you are married or in a long term committed relationship that could use some more romance, make it a point to give each other one of those kisses that you think you can only see in movies.

The Beach: My favorite time to visit the beach is between 6-7 pm, when the crowds have left and the sun isn’t going to scorch you. Walk along the rolling waves or build sand castles together. If you don’t live near a beach, make plans to go to one.

Get Out the Christmas Lights: Christmas lights, those little white lights you string on the tree, make for a perfect and inexpensive way to make just about any place more romantic. Whether you decorate your backyard, living room, or bedroom with them, chances are it will add a nice ambiance to the mood.

Clean the House: If your partner is usually the one who does all of the housework, consider cleaning everything up for them before the evening begins. If there’s no dishes to wash or laundry to fold, chances are it will be a lot easier to enjoy something fun together!

Eat Sensual Foods: Sensual foods can be anything from chocolate to strawberries and champagne. This can usually be done easily at home where you can just enjoy the tastiness and sensuality of a glass of fine wine and some yummy snacks to go along with it.

Make a Garden Room: My husband and I love to visit the local conservatory garden near our house because the relaxing atmosphere of plants and waterfalls is so beautiful. You can either make a magnificent garden outdoors for a romantic getaway spot right in your own backyard, or consider turning an unused room in your house into a garden room, complete with plants and fountains. If you enjoy gardening, you’ll have lots of fun working on this project together, and you’ll really enjoy the space once you’re finished!

Go for a Swim: Whether you swim indoors or outdoors, it can be a lot of fun to swim with each other and help bring each other closer. Swimming at night by yourselves in a well-lit outdoor swimming pool is also very romantic if you can make the arrangements.

Night-time Photography: My husband and I have been getting more and more into photography and it is a lot of fun for us to do with each other. Finding new places to shoot and getting cool effects with the lighting helps us expand on a shared hobby we both enjoy, as well as spend plenty of time to talk about other stuff, too.

Go to a Secluded Spot: Whether it’s a pretty field, top of a building, or a place in the woods, sometimes going to a place where you know no one can bother you is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Spiritual Time: Couples who can connect spiritually typically have stronger relationships. Whether you do a bible study, discuss your different viewpoints on the meaning of life, or do other spiritually connecting activities, it can heighten your relationship by leaps and bounds. Spiritual connection doesn’t always mean church or religion – sometimes just seeing life as a bigger picture than the day to day fluff is enough to give your relationship a boost.

Clean Your Room: I know what you are thinking: there is nothing about cleaning that would make for a romantic evening! But, chances are if you need a little more romance in your relationship, one easy and basic place to start is in your very own bedroom. Get rid of all the clutter, put on some nice sheets and blankets and get everything ready to make your room a place that is relaxing and sensual. See our tips for a romantic bedroom for more ideas.

Make Music Together: My husband is a former rock star (okay, maybe not really a famous rock star, but he was in a band) and so we have all the things you could need to record and create our own music. It’s a lot of fun to write a song together or express your creativity on the guitar or the piano or with a few good drum loops.

Go Fly a Kite: This is another fun thing you can do with families if you have kids. All you need is a place with a good breeze and a kite or two to fly together. It’s nice to know you both worked together to make something soar.

The At-Home Spa: It doesn’t take a lot to recreate your own spa at home, whether you get some massage oils or other materials to create a relaxing environment at home. Not just girls like being pampered – a lot of guys enjoy this, too.

Romantic Couples Games: There are a number of free romantic games couples can play, or check out some of these romantic board games to try out as well.

Watch a Romantic Movie: If you watch a lot of TV together already, then you’ll want to start with the many other ideas above first. But watching romantic movies together is definitely a good way to spark some conversation and remind you how lucky you are to have the guy or girl you love sitting next to you. See our list of romantic movies here for more inspiration. (There’s 100 of them, so lots to choose from!)

Talk About Your Fantasies: Is there something you wish your partner would do but you never really had a chance to talk about or tell them before? Take some time one evening to really discuss the things you like and what you want – and then if both of you are comfortable with it, do it!!

Find a Hot Tub: Hot tubs are really relaxing and enjoyable with the one you love and they can be quite romantic as well. If you can’t afford one, see if you can find one somewhere you can rent for an evening.

Ride a Merry-Go-Round or Ferris Wheel: Check your local attractions and activities to see if there will be a fair or if there is somewhere you can go to ride a ferris wheel or Merry Go Round together. It’s something unusual, and also quite romantic.

Surprise Your Love: While very busy couples certainly need to schedule their activities and time to spend together or else they would probably never see each other, try to catch your partner completely off guard and surprise them with something special and romantic out of nowhere. Having everything planned or ready to go will help add to the romance since your partner won’t have the stress of having to choose something to do.

Visit the Library: Your local library is likely open during the evenings, and it can be a fun place to go on a date. Whether you look at books together to explore a new hobby or books intended to improve your relationship, it can be fun. Another sneaky romantic tactic you can try is to find a book you think your partner will like and put a little note in it he or she will see, and say, wow, you really gotta see this!

Renew Your Vows: There is really no limit or rules on how many times you can renew your vows with someone you are married to. So, why not pick a random night and do it? Relive your wedding day over and over again if you’d like.

Recreate the First Date: There’s something nostalgic and romantic about going to that pizza joint you visited when you first started dating or doing some of the many things you might have done when you first met.

Candles: It’s an unwritten rule that anything involving candles automatically becomes more romantic. See our post on romantic candlelight ideas.

Hair Date: Need a hair cut? You can either both go together somewhere to get your hair done or if you can trust one another with the scissors and trimmer why not cut each other’s hair?

Take Your Partner to a Favorite Store: Whether it’s the bait & tackle shop, the hardware store, the candy store, a craft shop or their favorite thrift store, take them on a whim to their favorite specialty shop and encourage them to get something they might want or need that’s available only there. Pick a specialty store they love and it’ll show your partner just how well you know them.

Build a Fire: If it’s winter and cold outside, build a fire in a fireplace – if it’s summer, why not have a little campfire the two of you can sit around? Don’t forget the marshmallows.

Go on a Treasure Hunt: You and your partner can either go on a hunt for different treasures together or you can set up a special treasure hunt just for him or her.

Go Horseback Riding: If you love animals, especially horses, why not go for a leisurely ride together or take lessons with one another?

Make a Video: If you have a camcorder or some other device that will record video, it can be a lot of fun to make a video together. Whether you act out your own play or decide to shoot each other saying all the reasons you love one another, the possibilities are really pretty much endless on this one.

Change the Environment: It doesn’t have to be just another boring night at home. Look into some local bed and breakfasts or hotels near you and you’ll be surprised at how a different environment can make you both feel a little more romantic toward one another.

Play Tennis or Ping Pong: You don’t need to be a tennis pro or Forrest Gump to enjoy a game of either tennis or ping pong – you don’t even need to keep score. Bouncing a ball back and forth between the two of you can be fun, not to mention gives you a good workout and helps you relieve stress at the same time. A little friendly competition can make it fun, too.

Coffee: Coffee shops are usually open late, and getting coffee or tea is a nice way to sit with each other and talk. Mix it up and make it a point to visit different shops so you never get bored with the same one, or try making your own specialty coffee drinks at home if there won’t be too many distractions there.

Write Each Other Letters: You don’t have to do a lot for you and your partner to take 15 minutes out of the day and write each other a romantic love letter. There are some examples of romantic love letters to copy here to check out for inspiration.

Cherish Every Moment: You don’t know what will happen or what you will do with your partner in this lifetime. So if you’re together any evening, make sure you do something to show him or her just how much you care.

We’re sure that you’ll be able to think of some other fun things you can do together that are the perfect ideas for a romantic evening.

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What are some of your ideas for romantic evenings? Have a favorite one out of all of these from the list? We want to hear from you! Share your comments in the section below.

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