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Sweet Romantic Flirting Pick Up Lines That Work

March 7, 2010

While we usually expect pick up lines to be cheesy or tacky, they can actually be quite sweet and romantic. They can work for both guys and girls, and whether you’re single or even married. (Though if you’re in a relationship and using pick up lines, the only person you should be using them on is the person you are dating!)

Sweet pickup lines are usually ones which aren’t too over the top or rude in any way, but instead are usually cute and innocent. While men and women may disagree on what would be considered a romantic pick up line or not, it can actually be quite flattering when done in the right context.

If you are tempted to use a cute little phrase to hit on someone, there should be a few basic ground rules established to help make sure it goes over well, rather than something that will embarass you or make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Here’s some tips for those of you who could benefit from a little guidance in the art of attracting and hitting on others:

Don’t Use the Wrong One: There’s a lot in the department of bad things to say to someone when you are trying to flirt with them. In general, stay away from the overused and cliched ones – they tend to not be well received, unless you have been in a long relationship and it’s in regard to some sort of personal joke you and your partner share and he or she would appreciate. Be creative, and come up with something a little more brilliant than, “Do you need a band-aid, cause I think you fell from heaven.”

Ask a Question: Asking a question is going to engage the person in a conversation, rather than just bounce a statement off of them. Conversation leads to getting to know each other a little more, and a much higher success rate of actually getting a date with the person.

Deliver it Right: Any line can be used if the delivery method is right. You need to be sincere in order for it to be effective, otherwise the other person may think you’re just rehearsing something you use on every person you meet. It shouldn’t sound rehearsed (though rehearsing can help with overcoming shyness), and it should be natural in a conversation. Not all phrases need to be said and spoken, it can be sometimes just as effective to write a note on a bar napkin.

Keep it Clean: You’ll want to avoid dirty pick up lines, as this can be very offensive to a lot of people. When you offend someone, your chances for a date are pretty darn slim.

Now that we have these ground rules established, here’s some ideas on what you can say that can be considered sweet or romantic and get a conversation started with a complete stranger (or your partner):

Can I Ask Your Opinion on Something? (Just be prepared to have something to ask about)

Have you ever been to [insert place or activity here] – make sure you have a reason why you are asking them (Ex: You remind me of it/ it’s so beautiful and relaxing, you should visit it sometime/etc. …)

Do you know how to {insert something you’d like to talk about here, helps if it is something you know really interests them, or you can switch it so you ask them why}

What do you like to do for fun?

Can you show me where (insert nearby place)

What is that you are eating? (Or, what would you recommend to eat?) – Food is universal and just about anyone can talk about it.

Giant Polar Bear…(huh?) It’s an icebreaker. (Hahaha, sorry, okay I had to slip that one in to see if you were paying any attention.)

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I am married to the funniest guy in the world, mom of some cute crazy kids, and write mostly from my own experiences in love and relationships.

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