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Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lover

February 2, 2010

Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for decades, asking each other questions is one of the best ways to get the ball rolling and start some great conversations between the two of you.

You can ask each other fun questions like “What’s your favorite topping for pizza?” or they can be more serious questions such as “What do you want to accomplish in life?”

1. Make a Love Questions Jar: Since it’s an easy to download and print book, you can print out the pages (maybe one or two at a time, no need to print out all 1000 questions right away!) and cut each question out. Fold up all of the little pieces of paper and stick them into a jar that you keep by your bed or on the table and each day while eating breakfast together or before you go to sleep for the night, pull out a question and answer it.

2. Email the Questions: If you and your partner communicate a lot by email, you can also take turns emailing back and forth the questions and answers. This is a heck of a lot better way to spend your time at the office distracted than sitting around playing computer games!

3. Bring Them With You on a Road Trip: A road trip is a great opportunity for you and your partner to talk about things without worrying about being interrupted. Print the pages out and take turns talking about each question.

4. Take it Slow: There’s no need to rush through the 1000 questions in a couple of days. Each question is meant to give you and your partner a starting point for a discussion. Don’t just answer the question as fast as you can and move onto the next – take some time and really think about it.

Do you and your partner really know each other as well as you think you do? If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get to know each other better and grow closer as a couple and lovers, finding the right relationship questions to ask your lover is a must. What are you waiting for? You could start asking them the first few questions today!

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I am married to the funniest guy in the world, mom of some cute crazy kids, and write mostly from my own experiences in love and relationships.

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