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Dating Horror Stories: How to Avoid Bad Dates

October 27, 2009

dating-horror-bad-datesIn the spirit of Halloween, I figured some dating horror stories were in order. Bad dates are something all of us have probably had at one point or another, though sometimes it seems that some people seem to have a lot more stories than others!

Most of the worst possible dating scenarios are the type where you have been set up by someone or it’s a blind date of some type. And usually, though awful at the time, they tend to be pretty funny to other people, especially as time goes on.

I can’t think of any terrible dates, though there were plenty of guys trying to pick me up who never made it to that point. And it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I could profile the typical bad dating experiences and share some helpful advice on how to avoid a bad date.

The Put Yourself in a Bad Situation Date: Most of the time I hear a bad date story, it seems like there is always a few bad dating mistakes made in the first place that automatically put you at risk for something to go wrong. For example, you should NEVER on a first date go to the other person’s house or have them come to yours. You should also not ride in a car together. Before you go on another single date, please read my Dating Safety Tips ebook. It’s free and you can download it instantly. If you do the things in the book, not only will you be safer, but you can probably eliminate about 75% of all miserable dating experiences.

The Egotistical Date: Anytime someone starts saying they’re better than everybody else or starts talking endlessly about themselves or just one interest non stop, it can get pretty boring for the other person. So remember when on a date to avoid talking only about yourself – and if you’re stuck with someone like that try changing the subject or politely tell them that you’d rather talk about something else rather than letting them go on, and on, and on.

The Hygiene Nightmare Date: When you go on a date, there are certain expectations that you would try to look and act your best. If you show up in ratty clothes or in need of a shower, it’s a good chance this isn’t going to impress the person you are seeing. This has little to do with appearances and everything to do with just showing a little effort. If you’re not putting in effort to even try to look nice, it’s going to make the person think you don’t put any effort into anything else. At the very least, take a shower, wear clean clothes, and shave/brush your hair. If your date shows up in need of some hygiene, consider doing an activity like going to the perfume aisle at a local department store or changing activities.

The Critical/Insulting Date: Nobody likes being criticized all the time, but being insulted is just down right terrible. A lot of people complain that their date seemed to put down everything they did or said or even came right out and said insulting things. Granted, it can be hard to know if you said something (or will say something) offensive or not, but at the very least, if your date seems upset about it apologize for your mistake. And if your date says something insulting to you, don’t immediately take it the wrong way because there’s a chance he or she has no idea – just politely explain that it is insensitive. And if it continues, there’s no shame in just picking up and leaving. You came for a date – not to be insulted.

The Blind Date Blind dates can be terrifying, whether you’ve met the person online or are being set up by friends. Here’s the problem with blind dates: you’re forcing yourself into a situation with too many expectations with someone you don’t even know. The word “date” immediately puts a ton of pressure on people almost instantly. Why not at least meet somebody casually first and then decide if a date is a good idea? This helps prevent you having any surprises in meeting someone and there’s no pressure. Good examples: I’ll be volunteering at the library next week, why don’t you come by? It’s not a date, and you’ll know within about 5 minutes whether it’s someone you want to get to know better – and without even worrying about the cost of dinner.

Dating horror stories can be tough to avoid, but some of these tips will definitely help to make it so you have a fun and safe experience more often than a terrifying or uncomfortable situation.

Have any dating horror stories you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments below and help others know what not to do on a date :)

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I am married to the funniest guy in the world, mom of some cute crazy kids, and write mostly from my own experiences in love and relationships.

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