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Relationship Tip – The Dinner Mention

September 22, 2009


I love coming here to this blog because I get free love relationship advice. Chelle has a keen gift for writing and assembling helpful relationship tips. I enjoy guest blogging here as well because I get to share a relationship tip or two. Now don’t think I am trying to say I have all the answers, far from it. I need to read a few thousand books and blogs before I get a grip on how to be a better husband. The thing that makes me successful, I think, is that I never give up trying. This post is a tip that really works to increase my wife’s happiness and self esteem. I know because I see it in the results after I do it. Perhaps it can save you some relationship trouble Guys, listen up!

Ok, so the title gave it away somewhat, I am suggesting that you mention your wife to the table when out to dinner or otherwise at a dinner party. Here’s an example: Couple one at a game table is discussing how they just hired someone to make them business cards and they came out terrible. You mention your wife (imagine she is into photoshop) and how she does business cards above any you’ve ever seen. Sound like overly simplistic love relationship advice? I don’t think so.  This one really sends a positive message to your wife and lets her know she is important to you.

Does the dinner mention sound difficult? It isn’t. It’s simple to do and it’s benefit to your relationship is huge. I know this because I’ve tested it over and over. If you are a cynical person, you might be saying: “Well, after a few mentions she will know you are doing it on purpose.” All I can say in response to that is I have done MANY of these randomly and my wife doesn’t seem to suspect yet. Even is she did suspect, I don’t think she’d ask me to stop. I mean, who is bothered by a compliment? No one, we love it! It’s human nature guys.

Oh, and for you ladies out there reading, this works for your husbands as well. Try it.  Building your spouse’s self esteem and maintaining it as much as you can is the most valuable action in your relationship. You have the power to avoid relationship trouble. Now go and do your love homework!

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