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How to Turn a Girl On: Finding the Magic Switch

August 18, 2009

turn-onI can’t really believe I am writing an article about how to turn a girl on, but many guys always ask what they can do to get a girl to like them or be interested in them and we’ve decided to fulfill this popular request.

The phrase itself  of “how to turn someone on” is kind of a strange one, and it’s likely my non American readers might have a little confusion over that. After all, it’s not as if people have “on and off” switches. So, no, it doesn’t mean literally to turn someone on – it means to make someone attracted to you, and for some this means in an intimate sense as well.

Now, the biggest problem that most guys are going to run into is a pretty common cause for concern: No two women are alike. Oh sure, there are stereotypes and maybe even some of those stereotypes will prove to be true. But for the most part, it means that you really have to be careful before you try anything, or it could be a major turn off for a lot of girls. When in doubt, just be yourself and do what comes naturally. Nobody wants a guy pretending to be one thing, especially if it is very obvious that he is not.

Ideally you’ll know a little bit about the girl. The more you know about her, the better, since you’ll be able to have a vague understanding of what she likes and dislikes. Always aim for what she likes and stay far away fro her dislikes.

That all being said, here are some of the top turn ons for girls:

1. Smell Good: I used to work with a guy that had such a good smelling cologne that it wafted all through the place and almost every girl there would swoon over him. Sure, he was kind of tall dark and handsome so maybe that had a little to do with it, but that smell was an instant attraction method. Many times I would be part of a conversation where several girls were all talking about how good he smelled. There are all types of colognes out there and some girls will like some more than others. But smelling good is typically enough to at least get her positive attention.

2. Play With Kids: I am not sure if it has something to do with a natural maternal instinct that occurs in a lot of females, but a lot of girls like to see their guys playing with kids. It doesn’t mean they want or need kids, but for some seeing you play with kids will instantly melt their heart.

3. Show Some Tears: Most guys I know wouldn’t ever want anybody to see them cry. And that’s exactly why there is something very intimate and sensitive about it. You don’t want to cry all the time (this would make them think what the heck’s wrong with you?) but a well thought out soul baring moment with a genuine tear or two can make a girl go wild about you.

4. Tease a Little: Everybody wants what they can’t have, right? And the longer you have to wait can make you want it even more. While you want to be careful not to play too hard to get, just trying to take things slow can drive a girl crazy and want to be with you more and more. It may be hard to exercise the self control, but showing how much you respect her and not pressuring anything physical from her can really go a long way.

5. Gentle Touch: Holding her hand, lightly touching her back, cuddling together – all these things can make some women want you. This is something you should probably only do if you’re already starting to date or have been together for awhile – otherwise it might be a little strange.

6. Ask Her: If you’re dating somebody, then you should be comfortable in asking them what their turn ons are. If you have trouble talking about it, then it could mean that you’re not really ready for an intimate relationship. The best way, and the only way to know for sure, is to ask the person themselves, since as I mentioned before no two people are alike.

While I can’t guarantee that any of these will help you to learn how to turn on a girl, hopefully they will help you get some ideas.  Getting to know someone better is the best way to learn and decide what will help them be naturally attracted to you.

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