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Romantic Candlelight Ideas

July 20, 2009

scented-soy-candlesCandles have long been associated with romance. Candlelight dinners to add romance to the evening may be a little cliched, but with a little creativity, they can also be a nice touch when spending some quality time with your partner. There’s something about the flickering lights and the different scents that can instantly change your environment and your general mood.

To help you start thinking a little more romantically, here are some neat ideas for using candles to increase the romance:

1. Let’s Start With Dinner: As I mentioned earlier, yes a candlelight dinner does seem a bit cliched. However, so few people actually do it anymore that it can really be a neat way to add something different to dinner at home. You can decide to eat outdoors after the sun goes down by the candlelight or stay indoors and turn the lights down low.

2. Go Star Gazing: Most of us, in conjunction with not having enough romantic dinners by candlelight, probably also do not go out star gazing with our partners nearly enough either. Take yourselves back to when you first started dating and get out a blanket and perhaps a few citronella candles if mosquitoes will be a concern. You can do this right in your own backyard, or if you are in a city head to a local park. (Just be careful: some parks close at dusk – you don’t want to be arrested for trespassing!)

3. Floating Candles: Floating candles are really quite beautiful and are often a popular centerpiece at weddings and other type of formal events. You can get really big candles that can float in swimming pools or lakes for a really special effect – though placing a few small ones in a bowl of water will likely be nice too.

4. Candlelight Bubble Bath: Lighting a few candles while taking a bubble bath is a great romantic idea. If you’re lucky enough to have a tub that has room for the both of you, it can be a great way to unwind and relax together. (Or if there’s only room for one can be a really nice surprise to set one up for your partner if they might like that instead when they go in to take a shower).

5. Simple Gift Ideas: Candles can also be very sweet romantic gift ideas. You can attach a note to one that says “You Make Me Light Up” or “I’m on Fire for You”. You could also give x amount of candles for days you’ve been together or a special type/design of one that has meaning for your anniversary or a special memory together.

These are just a few ideas to start getting your creativity going when it comes to using candles for a little more added romance in your everyday life. Always be sure that no matter what you do that you follow a few basic safety rules – Never leave a candle unattended!

Do you have any romantic ideas or stories to share that involve using candles? Love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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