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Falling in Love Signs

May 3, 2009

falling-in-loveFalling in love can be exciting or terrifying and it’s not always easy to identify the falling in love signs that we show. Sometimes you may wonder how your date feels about you – other times you may wonder how you feel about your date.  Things such as lust or attraction can sometimes be mistaken for love as well, making it even more confusing after you’ve met someone new.

Love generally is an aquired feeling – it’s not as if by magic one day you suddenly realize you are deeply and madly in love with someone. It takes a little time to get to know one another and really know yourself as well in order to decide if your new relationship is headed towards a lifetime of commitment and friendship, or maybe if it is just something for fun or an experience to learn by for the time being.

If you think you may be lovestruck, or wonder if the person you are dating might be falling for you, these signs will help you decide. Even if you are in a long term committed relationship, reading on can give you some insight on things you can do to add to the love you already have.

1. Selflessness: There’s a fine balance between selflessness in a relationship and the amount of focus you put on yourself and your partner separately. If you find yourself putting the interests and needs of your partner before your own, there’s a very good chance that one of the reasons for this is because you are starting to love them. Being able to put someone ahead of yourself is not something we are naturally inclined to do – but makes relationships go much smoother. Remember though that you do have needs also and should not be making sacrifice after sacrifice – hopefully your partner is doing the same and putting your needs ahead of his or her own.

2. You like their flaws: Nobody is perfect, and all of us have a few major or minor quirks and strange habits. Some might find certain habits disgusting, annoying, or ridiculous. But if you find that one of their flaws or quirks only makes them more endearing it’s a good chance that love is right around the corner, since being together is about accepting the good and bad with each other.

3. I and Me become We: At some point in a relationship, we stop making plans and thinking of ourselves as individuals and start thinking about how the other person is affected by our lives. When you start noticing that a lot of your plans include each other it shows that you’ve started to become accustomed to and enjoy having the other person around quite a good bit. Thoughts of the future together (ie: planning a vacation 6 months from now) also show a good indication that love is in the air.

4. Talking for Hours About Nothing: Whether you’re discussing philosophy or who invented the hot dog bun, if you can talk to one another for hours it’s a very good sign that the two of you enjoy each other’s company and can be a sign of a lasting relationship.

5. Family Gets Involved: Most people will not introduce you to their parents, their grandparents, or their fifth cousin once removed on a first date. It’s also likely you wouldn’t be invited to family functions such as weddings, reunions, birthday parties or others unless your partner felt comfortable with you being there. For some this is the first sign of showing commitment when you start meeting family.

6. Vulnerability: It’s not easy to open up to someone and share your deep darkest secrets or feelings. When you both feel comfortable about being vulnerable around one another it opens the door for trust, honesty, and open communication – all good things for a lasting and loving relationship.

7. They Make You Smile: When someone goes the extra mile just to make sure you’re happy or smiling, it shows that obviously they care very much for you. When you’re not even together and you see something that reminds them of you and it makes you smile – it’s a sign that shows that you are definitely falling for them.

What do you think about the signs of falling in love? Want to add any others or share your experience of how you knew you loved your partner? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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