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Engagement Proposal Ideas: Ways to Propose for Marriage

April 10, 2009

Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important moments they’ll remember of your relationship and the rest of your life. If you’re looking for engagement proposal ideas and some unique ways to propose for marriage, we’ve decided to put together some of our favorite ideas. Even if you’re already married, asking your wife to marry you all over again could be a cute way to add a little romance into your relationship.

When proposing, you’ll want to consider two important things: 1. will your girlfriend say yes if you propose to her and 2. what are the things she likes. It would be heartbreaking for example if you asked her to marry you in front of thousands of people only for her to say no. If she’s more of a quiet person, she might say yes if you had the public audience because she loves you – but she might feel a little embarrassed or awkward about it also. If a girl really loves you, she’s likely not going to care about what size the engagement ring is or even the where and how that you do it. However, a little creativity and romance never hurts and of course will give you a heck of a story for her friends, family, and your possible future children to say “awwww” about.

So now that you have the two basic rules to consider, then all you need to do is pick one of these many, many ideas from below:

The Beach: The sound of the rolling waves, the sand, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets…there’s nothing unromantic about the beach! You can go to the lake or the ocean and decide if you want to do it early in the morning or maybe even during a moonlit walk. Just watch out – you don’t want to lose the ring if you go swimming!

A Romantic Picnic: Whether you choose a picnic in the park or in a nice grassy field, this is another good option for asking someone to marry you. Our romantic picnic ideas should give you some inspiration for planning your picnic.

The Mountains: If you are near a mountain range with local parks or cabins, this can be another fantastic way to propose. (PS: There are some beautiful romantic cabins in Love, Virginia that are wonderfully romantic I’ve been to and personally recommend – though I’m sure there’s plenty of others in different areas as well!)

Your First Date: This is an old classic, but it still works like a charm for many people. Simply try to recreate your first date as much as you possibly can and at some point pop the question.

City Scenes: If you live near a large city, you could always propose near a local landmark or somewhere that has a view where you can see the entire city.

Scavenger Hunts: These can be fun to do if your partner likes puzzles or surprises. You’ll want to start off with clues or notes that they can find either spread all over town or maybe just around your apartment. When they finally get to the last clue, it should take them to you waiting to ask them to marry you.

With a Song: If you’re a songwriter, writing a love song just for your partner and then asking them to marry you is a great way to combine your love of music and your love for your girlfriend all in one.

Write It Out: There are plenty of ways you can write out the words “Will You Marry Me?” You can make giant banners to hang from somewhere, have people hold signs, write it in sidewalk chalk, spell it out with flowers, rocks, cheerios, etc. etc.

Hidden Somewhere: You can hide a ring just about anywhere you know your girlfriend will find it and that it will not be at risk for being lost or stolen. Uncommon places include attached to the milk in the refrigerator, tied to the steering wheel of a car, on top of the alarm clock. Make sure you’re there when she finds it and see the surprise!

Like the Movies: There are a lot of tv shows and movies that can be great inspiration. You can take her out to the zoo and ask her like Rocky, or any of the other ideas in our collection of marriage proposals from the movies.

There are many more creative engagement proposal ideas and ways to propose for marriage. Have any other ideas? Want to share the story of how you proposed (or were proposed to?) We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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