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Romantic Gift Ideas for Boyfriend’s Birthday

April 6, 2009

It can tough thinking of creative romantic ideas for boyfriend’s birthday and  so we’ve put together a list of gifts for guys to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Obviously, not all guys are all the same, and so there is no generic present that will be perfect. Part of making romantic gifts for your boyfriend is making it something that is meaningful or special to your partner. Another concern for many is also the cost – finding inexpensive gifts or activities to celebrate birthdays that are romantic can be another challenge all on its own. For that reason we’ve included the free and low-cost ideas as well as some that are a little more expensive depending on your budget. Remember though cost does not show how much you love or care about a person – creativity usually does!

Romantic Birthday Ideas for Boyfriends & Husbands:

Personalized Clothes: Clothes are a nice gift because not only can they be personalized and romantic, but you also know they’ll be used. A lot of guys tend to like the sentimental/romantic stuff BUT also like practical things as well. There are some great sites like and Spreadshirt that will help you design the perfect shirt, underwear, hats, and more that say exactly what you want them to say. Both sites also have some great different ideas and examples you can order that are pre-made if designing is not your strong point.

Tickets to An Event: Does your boyfriend have a favorite sports team? A concert he wants to see? You can order tickets online for just about any event and plan to go either on the day of his birthday or a day soon after as a present. Sports and concerts might not seem like the most romantic thing in the world, but most guys will appreciate and realize how much you love them when they see that you picked out their favorite team or concert.

Romantic Dinner: My husband every year just wants one thing for his birthday: for us to have a romantic dinner together with no interruptions or distractions. You can take him out to his favorite restuarant or plan a nice quiet surprise at home with his favorite dinner that you cook (or if you are a terrible cook, there’s always delivery and take-out!) or you can go on a romantic picnic for two if weather permits.

Pamper Him: A lot of guys love being pampered. Massage oils, lotions, a bubble bath for two or other things that are appropriate for your relationship and level of intimacy may be a win-win present for you both.

At Work Surprises: If your guy’s birthday is a day he has to work, you may be able to arrange a few surprises with coworkers or the boss if it will not put in jeopardy of getting in trouble. You could arrange to decorate his office for example with a banner or balloons the night before or have coworkers deliver him one small romantic present to open over the course of the day.

Something Homemade: Our list of homemade romantic gift ideas has everything from love jars to artwork and crafts to a “When You’re Over Kit” you can make for your boyfriend for his birthday. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be sure to love all of those romantic ideas.

A Hard to Find Item: Every guy has something that they would like but is just pretty hard to find. Maybe it’s a book or toy from their childhood – maybe it’s a special kind of fishing lure or their favorite food or drink. Whatever it is, if you can track it down and find it for them it can be a great sentiment that you remembered they wanted it/couldn’t find it and went to all the trouble to get it.

Rent a Something: So you may not be able to buy an exotic car or a hot air balloon or the boat of his dreams…but you could probably rent one for a day or a few hours which makes it much more affordable and very fun thing to do together since you don’t do it all of the time. My husband would be *thrilled* if I rented him a boat for the two of us for a day! (Unfortunately, his birthday is also in December, which at freezing temperatures isn’t exactly the best sailing weather where we live!)

Creative Presentation: Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you give it’s how you give it. You could for example create a scavenger or treasure hunt with clues for them to get to their romantic birthday destination. Sometimes a little suspense or mystery can go a long way!

Something You Hate: While obviously you should use your best judgment on this and I would never suggest doing anything you are not comfortable doing, in general it can be a really impressive romantic gift to give your boyfriend a birthday present of something you hate and have to make a sacrifice to do. For example, maybe he LOVES simulation games, but you could care less about them. For his birthday you could promise that you’d spend x amount time playing those games with him.

Romantic Games: There are many romantic games for couples that you can play together. You can make them yourself for little or no cost or check out the romantic games on Amazon for inspiration and ideas as well.

A Get-A-Way: Planning a surprise romantic getaway can take a little effort, but it can be a great birthday surprise. You don’t even have to go far away – just getting a hotel room downtown somewhere or getting a cabin for a night can be a nice birthday treat. If you both like camping it can be a really inexpensive way to have some romance – and you could even with a little planning set up camp beforehand with everything you need for grilling.

Do you have any romantic ideas for boyfriends or husbands? What were some of the most romantic birthdays you’ve had? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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