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Romantic Easter Basket Ideas

March 31, 2009

Easter doesn’t have to be just for the kids with these romantic Easter basket ideas we’ve put together for you. Just the simple act of making a special personalized basket for your partner is romantic all in itself – add a few more special touches and it can be a special way to celebrate the holiday together with each other. Remember it’s the little things you do that count – showing your partner how well you know them and what they like will make them feel really special!

Here are Some Ideas for Making a Romantic Easter Basket:

Pick Candy Favorites: While candy is certainly not required, it is a common item to be placed in baskets for Easter. If your partner has a soft spot for those Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, you better put at least one in there for them though! If they don’t eat a lot of candy or are concerned about eating too much sugar you can alway opt for sugar free candy instead, or read below for some more non-sugary ideas.

Dye Eggs: Dyeing eggs together can be a great way to spend some time together and unleash a little creativity, as well as express your romantic side. You can always opt to dye a special few that your partner doesn’t see that can surprise them when they open their basket.

Play Up the Bunny Theme: What’s Easter without the Easter Bunny? You could give them their own little stuffed bunny each year for their own bunny collection, or do a few play-on-words. My grandma gave me a snow globe when I was 5 years old that said “Some Bunny Loves You” and a little plastic rabbit that I still have today and cherish. You could also do something like “You make me want to hop” or other cheesy sentiment your partner would appreciate, if your partner appreciates these kinds of things.

Plastic Easter Eggs: Those little plastic Easter Eggs are great for stuffing all sorts of things romantic into them. You could write love notes in each one, or a reason that you love your partner, or little trinkets of things that you and your partner find special.

Forget the Plastic Filler: My biggest pet peeve about Easter Baskets is that shredded plastic stuff that clings to everything. So, unless you LOVE the stuff, you can go without it and instead use pastel colored paper hearts or cut small strips of paper and write love messages, song lyrics, or quotes on them for something truly unique.

Include Favorite Drinks: My husband’s Easter basket last year included his favorite Starbucks Expresso drinks. If your partner enjoys specialty teas or coffee or anything similiar to that, it can be a nice addition to the basket.

Spring & Summer Fun Together: For many people Easter is the true start of spring, and so putting items related to spring/summer activities can be a good addition to the Easter Basket as well. For example, if your partner enjoys grilling, you could put a nice meat thermometer or some of their favorite spices in the basket for you to have a cookout with. If you and your partner like to go to baseball games, you could consider getting tickets for the season opener.

What you put in your easter basket for your partner is up to you – really you are only limited to your creativity! As long as you give it a few personal touches to show that you know and appreciate your partner, it is bound to be a hit!

Have any romantic Easter Basket Ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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