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Love Homework: Tell Your Wife You Value Her

March 15, 2009

My message to men today is plain and simple: Listen to your wives if for no other reason than that they have far superior Emotional Intelligences.

Did you ever play that elementary school game called “telephone” where you’d start whispering a phrase through a circle person to person and you were so amazed at how “tweaked” the phrase was when the last person recited it?  Like “Mary had a little lamb” would have become “Annie get your gun” or what-have-you?  To me that game represents why our wives are so important: they translate stuff for us.  When someone says something odd at work, I usually run it by my wife because she knows emotions better than me.  She can tell what is meant many times when I am way out in left field.  Thank goodness my wife Sarah is there for me when I need her “emotional intelligences.”  In the same way it’s good to have positive self-talk, it is good to tell your wife you value her.

Tell your wife you value her

Another way (among many) my wife is valuable sf through “color coding.”  When I have a really important presentation to do at work, I always ask her if my outfit clashes.  I feel confident after she pairs up the tie with the shirt and the shoes with the pants.  This is why it is great to have a “better-half.”  There are many many other ways my wife is valuable.  Most important probably is the fact that she is my best friend and most ardent supporter “against all odds.”  If you don’t tell her she is valuable, she may not believe it is so.

A visual because men are visual

I remember hearing a story once about a 5 year old kid on a plane that was harassing people.  A man and his wife were watching the scene with very different “emotional perspectives.”  The man was about to complain fiercely to the boy’s mother who was sitting just across the aisle looking despondent.  The wife kept telling him, “It’s okay, just leave it alone.”  But the man wouldn’t listen and stewed about it.  Finally he confronted the child’s mother about her train wreck of a child.  She told him the boy’s father had just died and she didn’t know how to tell him.  The man apologized and his heart was broken for the child.  It was as-if the man’s wife had emotional ESP.  I’ll bet he was thinking,

Ah, if I only would have listened to my wife.

Like the man in this story, we would be better off listening to our wives more.  Of course they are not perfect but neither are we.  Our wives can help us avoid many disasters if we let them.  So if I haven’t been super “awe-inspiring” with my prose in this post, I apologize.  I wanted to raise awareness of the value of wives. Buy her flowers, take her out, pamper her, but most of all remember this charge husbands:

Cherish your wife.

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