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Odd Collection of 101 Love Songs Vol 3

February 15, 2009

Unsurprisingly, my odd collections of love songs continue to be some of the most popular posts on itmightbelove. Before you scroll down and see what new love songs I have picked out for you today, make sure you haven’t missed any of the other lists I’ve created so far:

This list of love songs has a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but most of these songs in some way are the “good kind of love songs” – songs that show someone how much you care about them. (In whatever strange way it may be). There’s quite a lot of indie and alternative love songs, many that have been suggested from IMBl readers on previous posts. However, I won’t say this entire list is “indie” – afterall, I did have to include one obligatory song from Barry Manilow to make my husband happy.  (Hence this list being 101 songs, since I am not a fan of Barry Manilow at all!) There are also a few more popular songs on this list – and even a few that would fall into the rap/hip-hop category.

At any rate, all of these are some great love songs and I am sure that no matter what your musical preferences and tastes are you will find something you like.

And now that I have 501 love songs on IMBL, it only seems to make sense to keep growing these lists! So make sure you subscribe by email if you’d like to be updated of the latest posts.

If you’d like to download any of these songs, you can help support IMBL by downloading them from where many are less than $1 and you can easily import into iTunes or another music player of your choice.

Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions – and of course if you have any other love songs you like that you’d like to see included on future lists, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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