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Doing Your Homework Before Dating Online

February 14, 2009

Doing your homework before dating online is important if you’re serious about meeting someone through online dating.

There are hundreds of dating websites available out there to choose from – some of them are free, others have great special offers to try them risk-free, and several have paid subscriptions.

Before you start signing up for different dating sites with wild abandon, here are some pointers to help do your homework before dating online:

1. Set Your Goals & Plan: It may sound odd to set goals for dating online, but setting goals will help you create a plan to make your online dating experience a successful one. Define your goal, and decide what steps will be necessary to reach it.

2. Think About Who You Want to Meet: Many dating sites are based on similar niches or special interests, while others may be more general. If you have a specific type of person you want to meet, you may want to research the different Dating Services that appeal to the type of person you wish to meet.

3. Define Yourself: Every single dating website out there has a profile page where you can write basic information about yourself. The profile page is like a commercial – it is what potential matches will look at when considering if they might like to get to know you better. Writing your profile before you sign up for dating sites will help you immensely.

4. Take Pictures: Pictures can also greatly help your success with online dating. Have a friend or family member take pictures of you, or even consider going to a walk-in photo center to get inexpensive professional pictures to use for your profile. You want to make sure your pictures express who you really are – without giving any potential matches the wrong idea.

5. Browse Potential Matches: Most sites will allow you to browse matches without joining right away. This lets you get an idea if there are any people on the site who based on their pictures and profile information may be someone you want to get to know better. You can also do this for multiple sites to help decide which site you think it the best match for you.

Online dating is a great way to meet new people. It can be very easy to find the right dating site – and the right potential dates – if you do your homework before signing up for an online dating site.

Have any other tips on things you should consider before joining an online dating site? Share them in the comments below.


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