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Valentine Poems: Writing From the Heart

February 2, 2009

Valentine Poems are the most meaningful when you write them yourself. While there are thousands of Valentine poems available online you could use and share with the one you love for Valentine’s Day, it is far more romantic coming from you, even if you’re terrible with words or writing poetry.

To help you unleash you inner poet, we’ve listed a few ways to make writing romantic poetry for Valentine’s Day much easier:

List of Things I Like About You Poem
This poem is pretty easy to write – think of 10 things you like about your partner and write them down. You can then decide if you want to make it rhyme or keep each thing on one line or break the lines up to give it a more “poetic feel”.

Magnetic Poetry Generator Poem
If you’re not good with words, head over to the official magnetic poetry website and create a poem by clicking and dragging romantic words from the column of poetry to the virtual refrigerator. Before long you’ll have a poem ready to use.

Timed Free Write Poem
Set a timer for 3 or 5 minutes and just write the entire time about how you feel about your partner. You don’t have to write a poem per se – anything that comes to your mind – just keep writing until the timer goes off. You then have some great material with a little editing can be the perfect romantic Valentine poem.

A Doodle Poem
Are you more of a visual person? Draw pictures (even if they are stick figures) of how you feel. Then give those pictures or doodles captions or words and transform them into a poem. You could even include the doodles with your poem when you give it to the person.

Things That Remind Me of You Poem
This one is exactly as it sounds: write a poem with anything that reminds you of your partner. Maybe you think of them anytime it rains or see a certain landmark or eat a certain food for example. This romantic poem idea will show your partner just how much you think about them all the time.

Set it to Music:
Sometimes the natural rhythm of music can help inspire you to write poems. Listen to a few instrumental songs (they can be any style you like – from piano to classical to hip hop) and you might find words coming naturally.

The Copy Change Poem:
A copy change poem is when you take someone else’s poem and simply copy and change the words to make it suitable for you. You can do this with just about any poem or song lyrics. Change just a few words or rewrite the original poem entirely.

Excerpts From a Journal:
Have you been keeping a journal? Do you write things down regularly either in a notebook or even on a blog? Take some time going through your journal or blog and find what things you have written about your partner. (Hopefully it is mostly good things!) You could compile little snippets into one poem, write them in chronological order, etc.

For more love poem ideas, you might want to check out our Love Poem Formulas post as well that has some basic poetry formats that might give you more information as well.

Have any other creative ideas for writing Valentine Poems? Share them in the comments below!


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