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Last Minute Valentine Gifts

January 28, 2009

If you’ve been putting off what to do for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry – we’ve got your covered with our last minute Valentine Gifts Ideas. Just because you procrastinated doesn’t mean you don’t care, and our ideas will help you make sure you show how much you care about that person on a day dedicated to love.

last-minute-valentine-day-giftsThe most important thing to remember is that the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has to come straight from the heart – Valentine’s Day is about expressing your feelings and emotions more so than getting your Valentine something they need or use (though if they need/can use it that’s always a bonus!). Remember: E is for Effort. Fortunately, even if you are pressed for time you can still show that you put a little effort into any Valentine’s Day Gift.

Here Are Our Favorite Ideas for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Flowers or Plants: While it may seem cliched, flowers still remain one of the most popular last minute Valentines gifts. You can order them online from places such as and have them delivered to your Valentine the same day you order them. My suggestion is to forget the roses, but instead opt for something unique. My husband one year surprised me with a single purple tulip in a pretty vase that was waiting for me when I went into work at 6 am one Valentine’s day. Another year he brought me a jade plant when he unexpectedly showed up at my apartment on Valentine’s Day. A jade plant might not seem romantic, but its sitting on my window sill several years later and reminds me of him every time I see it. He’s the best procrastinator I know when it comes to gift giving, so I’m sure he didn’t plan either of these too far in advance.

A CD of Love Songs: It takes very little time to choose a few love songs and compile them together on a CD, but its something your Valentine will remember, especially if the songs have special meaning to the two of you. You can check out our lists of Alternative Love Songs, 100 Unpopular Love Songs and Classic Rock love songs for more inspiration.

A Picture: It doesn’t take much time or effort at all to draw a picture or print one of your favorites from the computer and frame or matte it. Anything you draw or make usually gets an “A” for effort. Check out our post on romantic words of love for a really unique idea on something you can make on your computer and print in less than 20 minutes.

Giant Heart: For this, you will need a big piece of heavy paper and whatever art supplies you can muster up. (Crayons, Markers, Paint, Glitter, Scissors, etc.) Cut out a giant heart shape and then it is up to you what to do with it – write romantic quotes, things you love about your partner, paste pictures of the two of you together, or even just write a big silly “I LOVE YOU”.

A Special Memory Reminder: One of my husband’s birthday presents was a jar of pickles. What a terrible gift, right? (At least my 5 year old thought so!) But he loved it and said it was one of the best gifts ever, because it reminded him of a weekend we went away together without kids and found ourselves eating an entire small jar of those same very pickles! If you have enough time (I do realize this is a post on last minute Valentine’s gifts!) you can collect multiple things that will remind your Valentine of good times together, or just pick a few and either frame them in a picture frame, collect them in a box, or give just one item with a bow and special message attached.

Massage Oil, Candles and The Kids At Grandma’s for the Night: If you aren’t married with kids yet, you won’t have to worry about making arrangements for the kids to be away, and if you are married, this can be a great way to get back to the intimate side of your relationship. Massage oils can be bought at many bath and body type stores and it can be a great time together giving each other a sensual massage…I’ll leave it up to you to decide how the rest of the day will go.

Homemade Jewelry: Don’t have money for diamonds or gold chains? That’s okay, most of us don’t. Stop at a craft store and pick up a few beads and charms and heavy thread and make your Valentine a bracelet or necklace. If you’ve got a materialistic type of partner who would cringe at such a gift (I know they’re out there!) you can attach a note that says something like “until I can afford what you really deserve” or “a reminder that love can’t be bought, only found and made.”

Sweet Display of Love: If your Valentine has a sweet tooth, get their favorite candies or chocolates and find a creative way to deliver them. You can tape them to a card, make a bouquet out of them, or put them in a special container you decorated. Anything can work for a container – a washed & decorated soup can from lunch or something you find at the dollar store and can decorate.

Ice Cream Sundaes for Two: Pick up your partner’s favorite flavor of ice cream, and some special toppings and red colored sprinkles to go with it. You can then share your ice cream together eating out of one bowl with two spoons.

A Map: If you’re desperate and your only possible place to stop is a 7-11 or other convenience store, you can buy a map for $3-$5. You can then decide to go the cheesy romantic spin and write something sweet on it like “I’d be lost without you, you help me find my way…” or you could also circle some special places you’d like to visit and then plan a special day (soon, not too far away so you don’t forget about it!) for just the two of you to actually go to those places together.

Love Notes EVERYWHERE: You’ve read our post on 55 Unique Places to Leave Love Notes, right? Get out a pack of post-its and start writing – and leave them in every single place. Or you can get a couple of boxes of the Valentine’s for kids they sell in stores if you’re really pressed for time and surprise your partner with those little reminders of our childhood Valentines everywhere.

Cheesy Ways: How about a bag of nuts, because I’m nuts about you? Or a bunch of bananas, because I’m bananas about you? Maybe a bottle of glue because I’m stuck on you? A watch, because I want to spend every second with you. Most of these ideas sound terrible, but I’m sure you see where this is going and can hopefully inspire you to something a little better! And for some people who appreciate this type of thing, it might be the perfect Valentine’s gift!

Hopefully these will give you some ideas, You might also like our lists of Homemade Romantic Gift Ideas and 100 Ways to Say I Love You.

Have any other last minute Valentine gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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