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Crush Love Quiz Test: Signs Your Crush Likes You

January 15, 2009

Relationship Questions Answered: What are the signs your crush likes you?

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If you’ve been wondering where things might be going with a potential crush of yours, I’ve created a “Crush Love Quiz Test” of sorts that can help you decide if its worth pursuing a relationship with the person, or if it’d be best to move on before the word “crush” takes on its literal meaning.

While crushes are something most of us associate with feeling during our teenage years, it’s possible to develop a crush on someone at any age and in any circumstances. Some crushes are realistic, such as the one you have on a cute guy or girl you always see at the coffee shop – other crushes are a little out of reach, like the one my married-with-children-friend has had on Steven Tyler since the first time she saw Aerosmith.

Most relationships do start with some sort of crush or another – it’s very rare that two people would start dating each other without going through the usual “can’t-stop-thinking-about-this-person” emotions of having a crush first.

To help you sort out your feelings about your crush, answer the questions below:

    1. How Long Have You Known Your Crush?

    2. Does Your Crush Know You Exist?

    3. How Often Do You Talk to Your Crush?

    4. Do You Hang Out With Your Crush on a Regular Basis?

    5. Why Do You Like Your Crush?

    6. How Does Your Crush Act Around You?

While there’s no wrong or right answers to the questions above, my answers and explanations below will help you decide if the signs your crush likes you are there – or not.

    If you have only known your crush for a short period of time, there’s a good chance it’s not love at first sight. If on the other hand you’ve developed a crush on a long time friend you’ve known for awhile, it’s a possibility he or she might have similar feelings too.

    Question #2 is designed to bring you back to reality just in case your crush is not one that could ever be possible. Steven Tyler does not know my friend exists. The likelihood of them ever meeting in person, let alone dating, are pretty much slim to none.

    Question #3 will help you figure out the answer to Question #2 in case you’re not sure. If you talk to your crush everyday for about 10-30 minutes, then it shows your crush at least can identify you and probably knows a few random things about you. But if the most you’ve ever talked is to say “Hi” or “Good Morning” when passing each other on the street, there’s a good chance he or she may not actually know you exist.

    Question #4 is designed to help you decide if things might be slowly progressing towards potentially dating one another unofficially. If you’re hanging out with your crush on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that you might be in the beginning stages of starting a friendship and future relationship. If you’ve never hung out with your crush on a one-on-one basis however, a relationship may never develop until you do.

    Question #5 is here to help you decide if the reasons you like your crush are all the right reasons to date somebody. Sometimes we might be attracted to someone physically, but the emotional connections needed for a healthy relationship may not be there at all. My friend might like Steven Tyler for his rock star appeal, but chances are they’d be very incompatible in an actual relationship.

    Question #6 is to help you decide if your crush could potentially be interested in you and if you should test the waters a little more deeply to decide. Check out signs someone is attracted to you and my Squidoo lens on signs your crush likes you for a complete list of signs to see if he or she might like you back.

My Crush Love Quiz Test here is not going to instantly give you an answer as to whether he or she likes you or not or if it is true love at first sight. There are many types of love, but generally true and lasting love takes spending a lot of time in really getting to know each other – something that can only be done once you get past the crush stage.

The best test is to talk to your crush and see where things go from there.

What do you think? Like or Hate my Crush Love Quiz Test? Any questions we should add for helping identify signs your crush likes you?


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