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Making the Most of Being Single

January 6, 2009

For some living the single life is a never ending party and celebration of freedom and self. For others it’s a never ending nightmare of loneliness and frustration.

Living the single life doesn’t have to mean feeling like a third wheel when out with friends, spending a Friday night at home alone again, dating disasters, or being haunted by the memories of an ex. You CAN have fun being single – and maybe even doing so will help bring you even closer to meeting someone.

Remember: Single is not a synonym for miserable.

Here are some of our best tips for making the most of being single:

1. Pursue Hobbies: One single guy I know has been living up the single life for the past 6 months. He rides his motorcycle, he flies kites on the beach, he reads books on how to do just about anything. Sure, he’d rather have a little company, but it’s also helping him with important thing everyone needs in life: developing yourself. So pick some hobbies to start and see where they lead you – photography, travel, art, and more all make for a great new hobby to pursue.

2. Get in Shape: Being in shape isn’t about making yourself more attractive – it’s about feeling better and getting the most of the life (and hopefully living longer so when you do meet someone special you can enjoy even more time with them!) So start jogging or exercising, eat healthy foods, and do everything you can to stay off the couch! For tips on getting in shape, visit my site on how to how to lose weight for free.

3. Do Some Soul Searching: There are millions of people walking around right now who don’t know who they are. No, they didn’t suddenly develop a case of amnesia – they just have never taken the opportunity to really think about what they believe in, what they want out of life, and what direction to follow. There are some great books to help you with finding yourself and understand who you really are. Learning a few good meditation techniques can also help on the path of finding yourself.

4. Meet Someone New Everyday: Meeting someone new everyday might be a little extreme, but there are billions of people in this world. Yet, you can probably count most of your friends all on one hand. Meeting new people can expand your horizons, open your mind, and teach you something new. Don’t limit yourself to just what seems comfortable – strike up conversations with complete strangers or join new groups to meet others.

5. Stop Repeating the Same Habits: If you’re single and hoping to meet someone again, now is the perfect time to really think about what relationship mistakes you’ve been making. Ever here the phrase “the definition of insanity is continuing to repeat the same actions in hoping for different results?”

Do you have any other tips on making the most of being single? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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