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Winter Date Ideas

January 3, 2009

Looking some for fun winter date ideas? We’ve put together some of our favorite ways to have fun and stay cozy and warm together while we all wait anxiously for spring.

Winter Date Ideas

1. Watch a Play: Most areas have community theaters, schools, or other organizations that often show plays. Going to see a play together can add a little more spark to your relationship than just watching a movie together, since the live actors and performance can lead to a different atmosphere and general mood. Afterwards, why not stop somewhere for some coffee together?

2. Go Play in the Snow: Who says building snowmen, making snow angels, and sledding down hills are just for kids? Get your hats, gloves, boots, and waterproof pants out and be playful together the next time you get more than just a little dusting of snow. Afterwards, hot chocolate is always a nice idea.

3. Go for a Romantic Retreat: My husband and I love taking a mini-vacation in the winter as our romantic get-a-away. One year was a ski resort, another was a cute cabin in the mountains. Both involved warm cozy fireplaces, a relaxing jacuzzi tub, and no plans at all except to be together. If you’re in the mood for something tropical, why not book a cruise or take off to the Bahamas or other tropical destination?

4. Couple’s Massage Session: Check your area to see if there are any massage or spa locations that offer couples sessions. You’ll learn some great techniques to try on your partner, and both of you will feel great after this winter date idea.

5. Head to the Gym: Winter makes most of us feel like hibernating, so going out together for a workout can be a great way to spend time together – and stay in shape. Whether you find an indoor tennis court, swimming pool, or walk on treadmills side by side, this one you might want to make a regular weekly activity.

6. Go to the Market: If you’re lucky to live in an area with a market with street vendors and small shops you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have just browsing the different things you don’t see everyday and sampling all kinds of new foods and drinks together. If there’s not one near you, it might just be worth the drive.

7. Go to a Hockey Game: Even if you hate hockey like I do, you can still have fun with each other at a hockey game and make it a romantic experience. It can be a lot of fun to cheer for a team together and share those overloaded cheese fries and nachos. (I still don’t know any other place where you can find greasier food, which once a year is actually pretty good).

8. Diner Dates: Speaking of greasy food (though not all diners are greasy), why not spend some time together at a local or far-away diner? Make it a quest to find the best diner still around, or just go and enjoy each other’s company in a unique atmosphere you may not experience every day.

9. Take a Class Together: You can always find classes to take together, whether through local churches, YMCA’s, or even the community colleges. The possibilities are endless – you can learn pottery, how to write poetry, cooking, or maybe just something you both have an interest in.

10. Head to the Arcades: Arcades seem to be less popular than they were when I was a teenager, but if you can find one near you it can be a lot of fun together, especially if they offer friendly competitive games such as racing or air hockey. No arcade near you? You can always play video games or board games at home to keep the two of you entertained together.

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What are your favorite winter date ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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